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  1. Protective Of Feed

    yes thought of that but doesn't solve the problem if one of the miniatures happen to get through the fence in her side. I have one that is an escapee no matter how good the fence is. Even if it is electrified he finds some way to get out.
  2. Protective Of Feed

    Hi I rescued a horse that was starved and abused. Was with 2 mares that run her off of hay. She off course is the boss now over her hay with my mare. They have worked it out they constantly switch back and forth to the hay feeders. The problem is I have miniatures and an old shetland that runs the yard and is used to eating the hay on the ground on the other side of the fence, The mare will reach right over the fence to try and bite him -he's like 5 feet away from her. I also have miniatures on another side of the fence and she will reach right across at them and try to bite them even when not eating. How can I break her of this? I am really scared if one of my mini's got in with her she would kill them.