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  1. Horse Transportation

    I hauled horses for a living for many years and there are WAY too many real world variables to price like that.
  2. Engagement Pictures With Horses

    Very cute! I LOVE the two gun halter! That pic of the babe on the haybale is precious. Good luck on the marriage!
  3. Lil' Dude Stirrups For Kids

    It's a great start though!
  4. Cougar Attacking My Animals ..

    I completely agree. I feel terrible for having to take her but it's her or us .. and i have to choose us. It is sad.
  5. Lil' Dude Stirrups For Kids

    Pretty much the same thing! What I liked about the weavers is that they layed correctly forward so the child could easily recapture a lost stirrup. Good job Grandma!!
  6. Cougar Attacking My Animals ..

    I had the same problem at first but one of the Game Wardens is a friend of mine. I basically called her and told her to cut the bullpucky .. we all know they are here. Want me to put my pics in the paper? The next call I got was from a "mammal expert" to examine my photos.
  7. Cougar Attacking My Animals ..

    Yes I have photo documentation of everything and it's been turned over to the DNR. We have permission to "act" if the predator is in the process of attacking any livestock or pet .. but I want them to OK my uncle hunting her with dogs. I want her GONZO! This is disrupting our entire horselife.
  8. Correcting Others Dogs

    The point is most people can't do it. Hence so many dog attacks/bites being atrributed to a "Pit Bull". Honestly we almost never use the term. We say APBT or just plain "bulldog". Saves headaches.
  9. Lil' Dude Stirrups For Kids

    We've got 2 sets and they worked well. I bought the Weaver leather brand. They have held up beautifully too .. they look brand new and are probably 10 years old.
  10. Cougar Attacking My Animals ..

    I finally SAW her with my own eyes. Middle of the day .. isn't afraid of anything. I probably should start from the beginning. About 6 weeks ago our horses were coming up from the back with odd wounds. FInally she got 3 in one night and it was unmistakable what it was. One mare was clawed from her shoulder to her flank, one was clawed from the top of her rump down her back leg, and the other was grabbed from underneath him. At that point I contacted the DNR. They said it must be either a cat or a bear .. well we knew it wasnt a bear. So Friday afternoon a group of about 6 horses were chased through the strongest electric fence you can get on the market. It's supposed to keep predators out (and obviously doesn't work). They were 1/4 mile down the road when we got to them in a panic .. one mare was foaming. They were all being as goofy as horses get. We caught them up, brought them home and put them in the arena. I've got hay coming this afternoon and that's where they will have to stay until this is "resolved". Nobody's happy about it let me tell you that! Anyways I drove up to the neighbors to thank her for driving down to tell us what was happening. I stayed there for about a 1/2 hour and drove home. Just after the old soo line (where my property starts) I see a doe and fawn peacefully eating in the open. Huh .. they were calm i was thinking to myself when BAM! Out from the willow brush comes this cat and chases the deer (honed in on Mama) in a big circle. I am driving backwards, digging in my purse for my phone and just as the cat was jumping on the doe they fell into the willows. I got a dang cell phone pic RIGHT BEFORE that. They had to professionally enhance it to see anything but I have my proof!! I feel bad in a way because I'm sure it's a female with kittens. They generally don't stay in the same area like this but I also can't let her take one of my animals either. This is scary. I feel like I can't even let my kids play outside. She was seen sniffing around the dog dishes by the neighbors porch about 3 weeks ago. NO FEAR!
  11. Update On My Horses ! Been A Very Looooonnnngggg Time

    LOVE that mare!! (3rd down) and I'd love to see a few more pics of your stallion.
  12. Moving, And A Little About My Family With Pictures

    She looks very respectful. Not totally loving it but knowing what you want and giving it to you. That's EXACTLY where you should be if you are at the stage that I think you are from reading your posts. Pictures can be decieving too. How do you think she's doing?
  13. A Few Pics To Share ..

    Thank you two. :) Trying to live the dream. I think we're doing it!
  14. Cinch and Cain were our second string pics for Jesse .. but he was born a Jesse. Nothing anyone could do. Hold that baby girl .. you'll know his name when you meet him!
  15. Moving, And A Little About My Family With Pictures

    Beautiful!! Congrats!