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  1. Want To Know More About Horses, Mini Horses Specifically

    Alright, lots of shotgunned out points to elaborate so im going to take this post-by-post. @Nick: What I mean is, the royalties and payments that I will be making by the time I consider ownership of a mini. Yes, I'm not out of high school yet and I know it will be very important to do as much research and hands-on training that I can. Next year I plan on taking an Equine Biology course at my school (Implying it still exists, freaking administrators love to cut classes that are interesting) in order to learn the very very basics of horses. @Hoku: I was proposing a hypothetical based on something that is already set up at my current residence. I was thinking that if I were to take what is set up now (As it is fairly large, but not horse-sized) and scale it up to the sizes needed to accommodate a mini that it would have a snowball's chance of working. When I say I know nothing, its pretty much exactly nothing. @Greenhaven: Being honest with you, in my utopia all animal abusers would be put to death so believe me that is not my intention. I'm truly sorry if I came off on the wrong foot with my propositions of a hypothetical though I was simply going off of something read online about a type of setup like that which was used with a guide-mini for a blind person (Yes they have those) I did not intend to raise alarm or offend anybody. I'll google some material by the authors you suggested and stay an active member of this forum, despite your community's quickness to run a hunter-killer on me (seriously, its a good thing I signed up here with my pen name, I'm NOT Planning on being d0xed by some people who I'm trying to get help from) Its good to know you have strong opinions regarding the care of horses and I intend to care for them in the highest degree. @MissxZuri: Thanks for the actual welcome, its very appreciated . I have a friend who is on the High school Equestrian team who owns two horses I believe and I plan on learning alot from working with her if I can. There is actually a horse arena just ouside of town that I could probably volunteer my time at in the persuit of knowledge. I like how you worded minis being like an unlockable rather than a game of their own, I feel like a fish out of water here believe me. @Serah Rose: Dunno, for the past however long that I've been letting it sit to gather posts it has been mostly hate mail and a few Hunter-Killers. Are there any books in particular that you can reccommend to me for reading? I don't know if there is a place around that cares specifically for minis but I can do some googling if you know a good place to start. Some other important things to note: Once I know where i'm going after college it might be possible for me to telecommute through use of wireless data storage systems, which means that I would be able to live somewhere rural with alot of land and space and still do my work, this will not be the case though if I cannot in which I would need to formulate another idea. If I end up living somewhere in the city close to where I plan on working if all goes well then I'll be screwed out of ownership untill I can find something else to do such as boarding or simply waiting untill I've retired and moved to somewhere nice and quiet where I can have all the land and horses I can support.
  2. Fish out of water, City boy computer programmer in a country man's world.

  3. Want To Know More About Horses, Mini Horses Specifically

    I go through the trouble of making an account on this forum and get only about two posts that actually inform me about anything. The rest is all judgemental asshattery. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for Instantaneously going out of your way to simply deem me completely unworthy of the ownership of a horse. Yes, I understand that horse ownership isn't the lot of a wannabe game designer from the UK living in the US but wanting to know more shouldn't warrant me the scoffing and the annoying judgement. TL;DR? If you have nothing helpful to say, if you have nothing decent to say, if you had to go out of your way to develop a counterattack for why im a bad person or whatever your reasoning, GET OUT OF THIS THREAD. ADDENDUM: Yes I'm a brony. I love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I suffer from paranoia (You know before the flood of "You must be mentally disabled" posts come in) If you have a problem with that for WHATEVER reason, get out of the thread with the rest of the unhelpful people. I see no reason that someone who watches a show outside of the target demographic (Even though the 3rd season was nearly all fanservice) should be shoved aside of the legitimate ownership of a REAL LIFE horse. SECONDARY ADDENDUM: Thank you Dondie and Smokum for providing some real and helpful information. See Also (I need to stop editing this post >.>): Dondie brought up a good point, I do not intend on owning a mini for a very. long. time. we are speaking in terms of years, not untill I am able to do one of two things: Stay afloat on the royalties and payment I will be making off of independant and company projects, or retire completely. ****, I'm not even out of high school yet let alone done any sort of higher education. I'm attempting to acquire an enhanced understanding of how this sort of thing works. I understand that a horse is a huge investment of money time and land, and I am not as dumb as a few of you must take me for. Now I propose the question again: How would I go about learning more about horses, specifically mini horses.
  4. So I've wanted a horse for some time, and I've settled on purchasing a mini horse at some point, so that I can have a horse without the need for exponential amounts of land, and stables, and the other special ameneties (<- I hope that is spelled right) that a full size horse would need to survive and be happy, I do not intend to take it to any shows or do any type of competitions. I am simply looking for a companion animal (Because as an aspiring game designer, I won't have the time that is required to be dedicated to my horse if it were a full size breed) The catch howerver, is that I know hardly anything about horses aside from what I read in the off-hand during a random google search regarding the topic sparked by a random spike of interest. I would appreciate someone directing me to the things minis need to be happy healthy animals in a household-type environment, also what sort of medical care they need. I have read that they require as much if not more medical care than a full size horse, and that their metabolism is very very fast which could lead to weight problems (on that note, how would I know if a horse is having a dietary problem?) There is no real rush on this, as I do not intend on buying for quite awhile, I want to have a sufficient amount of education on the topic of equine care before I make any sort of decision. ADDENDUM: please understand that when I say household-type environment, I do NOT mean keeping the poor thing in the house all day. Maybe some sort of netted-in back porch connected to a dog-run type deal in a large yard. Keeping any sort of horse in the house would be dumb.