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  1. Food Allergy: Dogs.

    just letting you know: desexing does NOT make animals fat. Their hormones change, as well as their metabolism since they reach maturity. Therefore, you need to alter their calorie intake to prevent them from gaining too much weight. also, it may seem like desexing causes food allergies, but most animals will exhibit an allergy when they mature, anywhere from 8-24 months of age depending on breed, species, ect. Sorry to sound a bit snarky, but I deal with these false ideas on a daily basis when clients don't want to spay/neuter their pets. Then a couple months later deal with these same people and their pregnant dog/cat. And in 7 or 8 years deal with these people when they have a pyometra and/or mammory cancer. Its so sad that this can all be prevented with a little education and open minds...
  2. My Dog Is So Expensive.

    Which prescription diets have you used? I have a beagle/JRT and a beagle (not related) that both have skin allergies. I'm a CVT, and I've got them both on Iams prescription diet for skin and they seem to be doing well. Of course $50/15# bag of food doesn't go very far (that's my price after my employee discount... ). Occasionally I'll add pred or a steriod shot in to calm down any flare ups. We have a couple of patients on Iams Intestinal diet, and they seem to respond well to it. Sometimes we have to add in metronidazole to calm their GI tract down, but rarely. I strongly urge you to discuss any diet changes with your RDVM.
  3. Breeding A Roan To A Paint

    We have a red roan overo stallion (OWLS carrier, so we won't breed to ANY other overo), and we have 6 healthy babies out of him, 2 are red roan overos. edited to add: solids can also carry the gene, but it's not as common as overos/toveros. All of our mares that have paints in their pedigrees have been tested, and the only OWLS mare we have is Moon, she's not even located on the same property as Beau.
  4. Hooded Oilskin Dusters

    Thank you!
  5. Hooded Oilskin Dusters

    Hi all! I'm a newbie to the forum, but I trail ride quite a bit. I used to ride around the farm, but last fall I started camping with my horse and some great friends. Anyway, I purchased a cheap longrider coat to get me through the rainy fall rides. However I'm looking to purchase a good quality one. Plus, my cheap one is 2 sizes too big lol! I'm not a hat person, so I'm trying to find one with either an attached hood or a removable one. At this point in my search I'm not too picky on that aspect, as long as there is a hood. I realize I'll be forking out somewhere in the neighborhood of $200, but I'm willing as long as it's quality. But I also want it to fit. Any suggestions?
  6. Dog Health Problem; Ideas Please! **update**

    sorry to butt in here, but do you have whip worms down there? I know it sounds simple, but it's a shot in the dark.