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  1. LOL this is totally new to me! now i know how to defend myself from male animals too!
  2. lol on animals?!? when did you have to grab them? what happened to your attacker?
  3. according to the clip, he tried to retaliate but the woman just tightened her grip and kept squeezing...he was vomitting and begging her to let go!! personally i would have never thought of grabbing an attacker by the testicles if it wasnt for this video
  4. the video is a story about a young woman that grabbed her attackers testicles during a rape attempt and squeezed until they popped in her hands....she held on to them until the police arrived
  5. One of my gfs shared with me a video of a young woman who fought off a man who attacked her in her home, which she describes in the one minute long youtube clip below, must make her one of the bravest women I've ever heard. Just wanted to share this with all the ladies here: If you were defending yourself from a rapist....and you managed to grab hold of his testicles, what would you do?
  6. Did Casey Anthony Do It?

  7. Ive Become So Timid While Riding

    go at your own pace, slower if needed
  8. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    9 Days sounds like fun!
  9. Cleaning Another Saddle #2 Finished Photos!

    If you manage to have them vaccummed regularly, they'll look great!
  10. Horse Meat In Ravioli?

    sorry...i love horses and wouldnt even thinking of eating one..
  11. Hubby's New Tattoo!

    such a cool tat! so jelly
  12. Mane, Tail And Skin Care.

    thanks for the tip!!
  13. Greetings From Wa

    Hi girls! Im from Aus!!! nice to meet you all
  14. Young Horse Behind The Bit

    haha googled gymkhana!