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  1. My Wife Mozelle.

    I haven't been on for a while, and this is the first thing I saw. I'm so sorry the time is so short. The courage and peace you both have shown is an inspiration. My Mom had the same dignity when she lost the battle with CLL. I know she is still looking over me. I'm so glad your children and extended family will be by your sides.
  2. The Front Porch

    My 28 yr old arab/appy mare is on two scoops of Sentinal Senior and one scoop sweet once a day. Going to have to get her teeth floated. Keep putting it off because she tries to kill the vet and farrier, but she needs to put on some weight. Going to start adding hay stretcher. Everybody else is plump and shiny on one scoop of sweet feed. They all get good hay once the grass is gone for the year.
  3. For those that use water heaters

    With New York electric rates, mine costs about $30 a month for the round element submersible.
  4. The Front Porch

    Rematch went beautifully. She was perfect. Galloped up the same hill, no reaction. Probably because she knew I was paying attention to her every move! Then we took lead on the new trail loop we cut a couple weeks ago. Lots of slanty trail and downed trees to step over. No issues. Of course we did spook at a killer forest squirrel. We don't however, spook at the 30 motorcycles passing a couple feet away on the brief time we're on the road. Sometimes I wonder about her thought processes.
  5. The Front Porch

    Yes, feeling better now, except for the direct point of impact! Rematch will be with her regular saddle. The game of Lawn Darts will not be played again. We will, however, be running the same scenario. I really do think she did it on purpose and it wasn't a spook. Would have redone it last week, but no way was I able to swing that leg over at the time. Let you know how it turns out. Weather here should hold thru Sunday, then there's the possibility of a big rain and wind event evidently. Either that, or the the sky is falling. Heidi, two years ago, the first ride after getting a plate and screw in my ankle, she spun away before I had a leg over and I landed on my tailbone. So I know JUST how that feels. Still hurts sometimes to this day.
  6. The Front Porch

    So, last Saturday was a gorgeous day here in NY. The foliage is in full force, the air was cool but the sun was warm. Perfect day for a ride. Got saddled up and off we went. Shortest ride ever! Meandered down to the open field and across. Then cantered up a small hill behind my friend Karen on Beauty. I gave Shinia a bit more head than usual. Half way up the hill, she slams on the brakes, drops her nose to the ground, and does a ninety degree turn to the right--simultaneously. She tends to be spooky, but I sit everything she throws at me. This was totally out of left field (and I'm thinking, on purpose) and I got catapulted! I had a hold of her mane, but all that did was spin me in midair to land on my back. I was trying to flip to my feet, but we were going to fast. Called her every name in the book under my breath on the walk back up. Spent the first half of this week with a whiplash and a sore hip. Better now. Rematch will be this weekend. Getting too old for these hard landings. Plus, I had a treeless, english style, saddle on her. This is the monster.
  7. I bought the best cat toys!

    It's the same with dog toys. They have a rat looking toy (grey-brown) that got left outside all winter. I found it all muddy, so it's been known as "Dirty Rat" ever since. They love it.
  8. Got another farrier coming today. He was trained by our favorite farrier so maybe it'll be good. This last girl was way too expensive for her experience level. I'm with you TigerLilly, I'll do them myself if it comes to it. I have a 28 year old mare that trims herself. She's got beautiful, perfectly shaped hoofs. I can pick up all her feet, but she tries to kill the farrier. It's my saddle horse, TWH, that does need trims or her outside wall wants to tuck under. Otherwise, she's got an excellent hoof. That's why all that chipping really annoyed me.
  9. Chipmunks......uggg

    Yeah, I had one of those dashboard dusting mitts under the seat. I pulled it out and the only thing left was the cuff. I found the rest making up a nest in my glove compartment. Those little buggers were well traveled. They went everywhere with me! I don't know how they get in either. Maybe through the shifter?
  10. Chipmunks......uggg

    My dachshund got one this weekend under the truck. He's been trying for eight years. He was very proud! I opened my hood a few days ago and all I could hear was nuts rolling around inside the hood. Ever since my Munchkin cat passed away, I've been inundated by chipmunks and mice. They dug up and ate all my tulip bulbs. I only have inside cats now. Mice get behind the stove and the only one that shows interest in hunting is still a kitten. I have high hopes for her though! I keep meaning to try the peppermint oil thing too. I had a mouse nest in my glove compartment.
  11. Weathered Barn, Future Horse

    That's a nice old barn! What's the house like? Oh, and I'm with making about 4.5 acres of that lawn a nice paddock! What state are you in? Looks pretty green.
  12. For years we've used the same farrier. We love him. He's fast, knowledgeable, gentle but firm with our mares. We didn't have to be here when he came. Since we really haven't left the property in ages to ride elsewhere, we have them barefoot. As he's gotten busier (due to a lack of good farriers these days) the main area of his business is really in the next county. It's not really worth his travel to just have a couple trims. We understand that (although he did leave us hanging on) and have been trying to find someone we can trust and be happy with. Through word of mouth, we decided to try a local (right down the road) girl who is a "Natural Hoof Care" person. Very nice, talked a great game, charged too much. Took her 2 1/2 hrs to trim two full plus one fronts only. They hadn't been done in a few weeks over, because of the above problem. She hardly took anything off, just talked a lot about balancing the hoof, blah, blah, blah. And how they had to be done every five weeks (at the inflated price). In between rolling my eyes (couldn't help it), I said that's not going to happen. Both these mares have great hoofs, never a problem. Within a week, the surface of the hoof wall is chipped back a good inch all around where it meets the ground. Never, ever had that happen. Not going to lame them, but it is unsightly. Going to try someone else next week, if he shows up. Anybody have an experiences with this?
  13. The Front Porch

    Spanish, Glad you're holding a bit of hope. You need to do as much as you're able to to see if he can turn around. As much for your sake as his. I know how expensive it is. My dachshund, Flash (mommies boy), got deathly ill last year. I thought I was going to loose him. Long story short, I was into tests and weekly blood panels, abdominal ultrasound, every antibiotic under the sun (except the one that is specific to treat anaplasmosis-which he tested positive for). 3,000 dollars in,. I researched everywhere to match his symptoms and blood results. Nothing on any veterinary sites. Most dogs don't show any symptoms for Anaplasmosis (tick Bourne). So I looked on the CDC site for people. Bingo! High liver enzymes, low (in his case almost none, except for abnormal cells)white cells. I love my vet, she's willing to listen. We put him on doxycycline and he improved in days. Now he's 100%. So don't give up, miracles do happen. And if not, there's some comfort in knowing you did what you could. I'm deeper in debt, but I have my boy. I hope it turns out well for you.
  14. The Front Porch

    Spanish, maybe there's an alternative food, homemade perhaps. Prednisone isn't expensive. I'd do some research on vet sites before talking to the vet. You never know, and it doesn't hurt to be informed before the discussion. Wishing you the best. I know how hard it is. I have seven dogs, four cats and four horses (two are pasture ornaments) . I had to put my 33 year old mare down last month. (Degenerative joint disease). I can't even think of retiring, too many little souls depend on me.
  15. The Front Porch

    So sorry Spanish. You don't think he'd do okay on meds and diet for a while? I don't know, but I think I'd give him the chance. But you know what's best for him. No matter how it happens, you're never ready for it.