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    I participate in and sometimes assist with horsemanship clinics held by Robbie Potter Horsemanship, trail ride wih my amazing girlfriend, and team pen/ ranch sort.
  1. Your Favorite Western Riding Saddle

    You won't see those saddles with bucking rolls at major venues? The californios is pretty major don't you think...the wade tree was developed in the 1940's and to be correct, the bucking rolls are there to replace the swells that are on most saddles because the wade tree saddle is a slick fork saddle and is extremely uncomfortable to ride without the rolls...and I will raise the question who is or has ever been easier on a horse than tom dorrance? The general idea you seem to be putting on the table is that the current western performance horse trainers who generally rush their horses through the training process so they can win the fame and fortune that is offered at the futurities? I will agree that in high level competition performance horse events the wade is not often seen...but that said if all I was ever concerned with was cutting than I would ride a cutting type saddle. The specialized saddle is needed to get every advantage possible. The same goes for barrel racing and so on....but for someone who is wanting a saddle they can do any event they wanted to do and that saddle rise to each occasion....then a wade tree is a great option. That is why many working cowboys use them....that's why clinicians such as Buck Brannaman use them....and that is why I posted my opinion on what the best western saddle is.... If anyone does not agree with my opinion (smilie) that's OK just let it go and ride and write about your favorite saddle. The forum is for people to ask for other opinions and be able to get some new information. Let's not let out first Google search result (or our first thought based on somethings name) about a piece of tack or gear form our opinion about the usefulness of the item or about the way the individuals who use that item handle our horses.
  2. Your Favorite Western Riding Saddle

    Nick the wade tree saddle usually has a hard seat but its surprisingly comfortable. Smilie just because the saddles look similar to rough stock bucking rigs they are built differently try to ride a rough stock saddle all day. Nick to rope you really want to watch a general roping saddle especially if you want to ride for long. I started out with a factory made royal king roping saddle and it was horrible to ride for long in. Look at a will James tree or association tree saddle as well but honestly you will want a handmade custom saddle no matter the style you go with....or you could have lots of looks and get a traditional Spanish saddle to ride lol.
  3. Your Favorite Western Riding Saddle

    Yep he does
  4. Your Favorite Western Riding Saddle

    I was referring to a type of saddle rather than a brand...there are loads of saddle makers who make wade tree saddles, but in my experience the factory made saddles will not hold up as well as a custom saddle....also like I had mentioned the wade tree style saddles I have had dealings with, have fit the majority of horses I have put them on. I will check but my bet is Vic Bennett makes a wade tree saddle too.
  5. Cleaning Splint Boots?

    Ok so I have recently purchased my first pair of Professionals Choice SMB boots for my mare. Of course I couldnt wait for the mud to go away before I tried them out and now they are nasty . I really want to get them clean before the clinic this weekend, so what is the best way to clean my boots so they are bright red again but not damaged from the wash? Any help is appreciated since I only have tomorrow and thursday to get them clean. Thanks
  6. Talk To Me About 4 Wheelers

    The Honda 450 foreman or the older 350 rancher are both great ATV's. I have an ancient honda is an 87 model but it still mostly would work better if a previous owner had not attempted to "fix" the wiring. Anyway my ATV has moved well above its weight when pulling things on wheels, its just sometimes hard to stop on gravel with a loaded 14' trailer behind you when your goin downhill .
  7. New Saddle

    I have almost that exact saddle at home for my little sister. Ours is from the mid 70's I think or maybe maybe early 80's but it actually is a great saddle. I never ride in it because the seat is a bit small for me, but when she was still riding she loved it. Is it marked Herford Tex Tan?
  8. Concealed Carry

    If we are talking about how we pack in the truck...well thats a different story . Like pairing the perfect wine for your meal, I like to pair the perfect gun to the task at hand. I have the stevens model 310 in .17HMR for crows and whistle pigs (well really any smaller pesky varmit), the MMC AR-15 for coyote or dogs that chase the horses or cattle, both service pistols, and depending on what hunting season is in a 12GA turkey gun in spring or Hi-powered rifle (.243, 7mm Mag) during deer season; Just in case I get time to hit the woods. My friends call my truck "the armory". I am sort of like the 93 year old lady who a Trooper pulled over who had 5 or 6 pistols. The Trooper asked her what she was afraid of, she replied not a dang thing now.
  9. Concealed Carry

    10268511 what holster are you carrying currently when you ride? If I carry the S&W .357 I have an old nylon uncle Mikes holster that has a snap strap. I dont like the way that holster sits strong side so I carry crossdraw with it. Here lately though I have carried my M&P .40c in my concealed holster the same as I normally carry. I am really enjoying carrying this way because I dont worry about the gun hanging up on anything. I have carried my S&W 4506 in a paddle holster some too, but I rarely have it out since it was a B.L.E.T. graduation present from a good friend. Some of the uncle Mikes single retention holsters like the reflex ( are inexpensive (36.95 or so) and are actually pretty nice.
  10. Concealed Carry

    In NC a LEO can carry concealed anywhere but Federal buildings or if the LEO has consumed any amount of alcoholic beverage. The fact that I can carry virtuallyanywhere is pretty nice, because our state CCW is pretty restrictive on where you can carry.
  11. Concealed Carry

    Are your reserve deputy restrictions state imposed or dept. policy? I am a reserve officer for town but since I am sworn, I have the same concealed carry protocol as full time M&P .40c is actually nicer to shoot than my full size M&P when the full size mag is used at least.
  12. Concealed Carry

    Some states require a Concealed Carry Weapons course to be taken and passed in order to obtain a CCW permit. It is to make sure that the individuals who are carrying concealed weapons are fimilliar with that states firearms laws, and to give instruction on how to safely use and handle a firearm. In NC unless you are a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) a CCW permit is required to carry a weapon concealed.
  13. Horsemanship Clinics

    I am really looking forward to this weekend, because I am going with Robbie Potter of Robbie Potter Horsemanship to a cow working clinic that will be held in Taylorsville Nc at H&H Indoor Arena. I am fortunate to be friends withRobbie and I get to go to a ton of his horsemanship clinics. I have never ridden with any other clinician's but I would like to ride with Tom Curtian, Mark Rashid, or Brian Nubert. I would kill to ride with Martin Black. Have any of the HC fourm members ridden with these guys or know of any other great horseman to ride with? As a side not the Cow workng clinic that is beig held in Taylorsville NC April 6th & 7th at H&H Indoor Arena is free to auditors. If anyone who is in the WNC area is interested you can find more info on the Zion Farm FB page or
  14. Tractor Supply Coming To Taylorsville Nc

    Hey Mo's Mom I will down at Taylorsville this weekend with Robbie Potter Horsemanship for a cow working/ horsemanship clinic at H&H arena. It is being hosted by Zion farm (Stony Point, Nc). The clinic is no charge for auditors and we welcome anyone in WNC to come by.
  15. My Dog Is So Expensive.

    I have an ACD/ Blue Heeler that is the bionic 2,400 dog. Dad backed completely over him at 4 or 5 mo old breaking his pelvis and his femur. 1,100 dollars later and just as he was using his leg most of the time, he jumped out of the bed of my truck breaking the same leg right above the first plate...but this was a spiral fracture so another 1,100 dollars later with a prayer that the leg could be healed. Well the vet who said if he 2nd surgery did not fix the leg perfectly he would make it very affordable for the leg to be removed quoted a 650 dollar surgury that he reccomended because Bo would never use the leg again. Well I took bo home to think and he started to use his bad leg a little at a time so now he just has a short well on steep hills though. Im sorry to hear about your beagles troubles, most people would not go to the trouble you have to provide care for her.