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    I like to ride and train horses because I really enjoy it.
  1. Extreme Cowboy Race

    Also, how much ranch sorting do we do? I really love ranch sorting!
  2. Extreme Cowboy Race

    Okay and are kids allowed to participate? Also, do they hold events at wilton or do you always have to go all the way out to placerville
  3. Extreme Cowboy Race

    Okay. And how would I pay the money. Like is there a website or something?
  4. Extreme Cowboy Race

    Okay. Thanks dondie. How do I sign up or start participating in the events? I have been wanting to do this for a long time now?
  5. Is Francois Gauthier's Lami-cell protector splint boots any good? I want to get some splint boots for my ranch horse and came upon these ones. I was thinking about getting the Classic Equine EZ Wrap Up splint boots for $45. But I was thinking that since the Fg protector boots were less for like $25 maybe I could buy some of his skid boots with it for $45, than just getting the CS splint boots with the splint boots. Any advice would be great! I need to know ASAP!
  6. Extreme Cowboy Race

    okay. thanks
  7. Extreme Cowboy Race

    Okay spotted. I think I will use my ranch horse because he is my favorite and the most one that I ride. I will just teach him reining things. Do the judges judge you on how your horse looks?
  8. Extreme Cowboy Race

    Okay thanks spottedtapps. Also, would you advise me to use my ranch horse that is super calm and know how to rope, kinda of the loping leads, and is not spooky at all. Or should I use my reining horse that knows all about reining, but is a little spooky on things?
  9. Extreme Cowboy Race

    Oh yeah that's too far! Oh thanks tons.
  10. Extreme Cowboy Race

    Great video! That was awesome! So, how do we know the course and everything to do? Do we have to pick our own course out, or does the judges pick out the course?
  11. Extreme Cowboy Race

    Okay great! Well I have a reining horse that has been professionally trained and knows all of his leads and everything like that. I was going to use my ranch horse because he is more desensitized, but then again, he doesn't know spins and things that a reining horse would do. Also, how far is Cancuckland from Wilton? If it is really far do you know anybody near Wilton who does the EXCA? Last thing, do I need to become a member first to participate or can I just show up and participate in all of the events?
  12. How To Train Your Horse To Lay Down

    Thanks.. The video was great!
  13. Classic Equine Splint Boots Vs. Professional Choice Competitor Splint Boots

    Okay. Well I was looking at the Classic Equine for like $35. How well does that fit your horse? Like does it go down to the pastern or what? Thanks
  14. Hi I need splint boots for one of my horses. I have been looking at Classic Equine splint boots and the Pro Choice Competitor splint boots. Which one would you advise that's better?
  15. How To Train Your Horse To Lay Down

    I take my horse on trails every Saturday of the week and they cross bridges, go through running water, jump over logs, show them to deer, go up mountainsides, and go down steep hillsides. I'm doing this because I just want to have a little fun with my horse and actually it doesn't take long to train a horse to lay down, from what I heard. I have one ranch horse that is totally broke and is accustomed to all of these and I have a reining horse. I would eventually want to participate in reining, but just never found the time. I just want to have a little fun and try to do something new.