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  1. I love it Jack! Your daughter is too much like me, I'm afraid. I'd do something like that and wind up getting fired. I won't promise how much I'll be on here these days. I've been pretty busy working on banning breed specific legislation since I will be driving up to Wisconsin in June, 2011, and I don't want my service dog arrested and executed simply because her parents were pit bulls. I got a new mare in January. My old Appy died right after Christmas while I was in the hospital in Reno. I had no plans to replace her, since I'm getting older, but a rescue had a registered Missouri Fox Trotter that needed a home. I thought about it for a week, then called and said I'd take her. She's as gentle as a kitten, but I haven't tried to ride her yet. I just had my back surgery last month, and it might be a good idea if I get the official okey dokey from the doctor first. I've missed all of you guys, especially at Christmas when I didn't have any presents under the sage brush. I hope to be here for the next exchange, whatever that might be. Those things are as much fun to shop for as they are to receive. I had 14" of snow on Wednesday, and couldn't get out of my driveway until Friday. Naturally, the blueberry plants that I ordered arrived on Wednesday. I planted them today and, if the dogs don't kill them, I think they'll be okay. The nursery packed them to survive a nuclear blast as well as the usual mauling from the postal goons. Kate
  2. Agressive dogs on the trail

    We used to have a group of dogs that liked to chase the horses when we rode past. I tried yelling at them, but the owners just ignored me. One day I turned Taz toward them and ran them right back into their yard, politely telling the owners that if my horses were chased again, I would shoot them. They are now kept behind a fence and seldom get loose. By the way, pepper spray does not affect horses, even if sprayed directly into their eyes. Kate
  3. My first thought would be that the entire load was stolen and he was able to forge papers for all but the one with the tattoo. If he shows up again, which I doubt he will, get plate numbers of both the tractor and the trailer so his actions can be investigated. If he did cross the border, it would have been recorded and possibly the other horses could be located. Kate
  4. Trying to get an idea of how many

    Definitely one, possibly two. Kate
  5. Aw shucks! I thought you were going to suggest a useful method like a fire hose or a backhoe. Kate
  6. Military Personnel look up has a buddy locator section Kate
  7. Celtic Music

    If you want REAL Irish music, try Tommy Makem & The Clancy Brothers. Some of the songs they sing will get you sent to jail if you sing them in Dublin, and shot if you sing them in Belfast. Kate
  8. Puppy Training Question!

    Keep in mind that the puppy will someday grow up, and the size difference will be reversed. Unless he is neutered early, he will challenge your other dog for dominance and size alone will be in the puppy's favor. I have three males and I am constantly breaking up fights. The grown dogs are both neutered and they still fight over treats, so I have to separate them when it is bone time, and pick up the bones after an hour or so. Kate
  9. Not good news....not good at all....

    I know exactly what you are going through. My favorite brother died last June. I would have moved Heaven and earth and driven all night in my 20 year old car to be with him, but I was not given the option. His wife found him dead at the foot of the basement stairs while he was getting ready to go up to camp. Our consolation is the fact that he died happy, doing what he loved most. My prayers are with your family, and if I can do anything PM me for my phone number. Kate
  10. 1 - No 2 - Yes. I arrested several. 3 - No 4 - Former Washington State Humane Officer 5 - No 6 - Middle Class 7 - Associate degree + 8 - No 9 - If I were breeding or re-homing ANY animal, I would screen all potential owners and personally examine their facilities.
  11. Just a quick break, then it's back to serious house cleaning. My daughter is bringing her fiance down to meet me this weekend, and the house is uninhabitable. I'm surprised the county hasn't condemned it! The sun is finally shining, it's warming up, and I'm stuck inside. Yuck!!! Kate
  12. ****SEED EXCHANGE**** Post your seeds!

    I've been worried, Jen. Our new postmaster wouldn't give me a tracking number since it was going to Canada. I really hope that some of the hollyhocks are double. The flowers look like peonies and are just gorgeous. I had all of them in a big bucket in the tack room to winter over, so I have no idea what color or type I sent. If you're planting this weekend, you must have far less snow than we do. All I've put out are columbine and hollyhocks, because they can go right into the snow. In fact, they won't grow if they don't have at least 30 days below freezing. See Bethany, I really did send it!!!! Kate
  13. ****SEED EXCHANGE**** Post your seeds!

    AH HAH!!! Cowgirlup1983, You did a great job, but please remember that I am old and a bit feeble minded. Sometimes hints need to be a club to the side of my head. I'll be starting some of the more rugged seeds in pots in about a week, and putting the columbine out as soon as I can see the ground where I want them to grow. They are presently residing in the fridge to be sure they sprout this year. Thanks again, Kate
  14. Hello everybody. I haven't had much time to do more than scan some pages lately, but I'm still alive and well and no longer snowed in. We were stuck for three weeks. The first snow buried my plow under 5' of drift, and I wasn't about to dig it out. Our weather has been pretty nice lately, but we had another 2" of fluffy white stuff yesterday. I think I'll fix the 4WD on the Cherokee this summer. Taz & Pepsi are both fat & sassy as they haven't been ridden in so long. Shirley doesn't want to ride Pepsi until she can figure out some sort of protective covering for her hernia, and everything we have tried has worked loose. Suggestions are more than welcome!!! We got them both trimmed last weekend and the farrier says that Taz has typical cast iron appy feet and is just fine. Pepsi has a few bruises from the hard ground, but nothing serious enough to affect her gait. They were hard enough to kill the husky that was chasing her. He was dead before Murphy got to him. Kirby, the rottie/sharpei puppy that Gary got me just before he died is rapidly driving me crazy. he is into everything and the most stubborn dog I have ever worked with. The only thing in his favor is the fact that he is a true velcro dog and stays right with me when we go outside. he has finally figured out that certain bodily functions are best not done in the house, which is a blessing. Today we are having a potluck. The guys next door are doing Swiss steak and potatoes, Shirley is fixing veggies and deviled eggs, and I am doing an onion casserole and garlic cheese toast. We generally do this whenever one of us wants to cook a big meal. My daughter in Ontario, OR just got engaged and is planning to come down so I can meet the lucky guy and let him know that I have numerous friends on da Joisey side whose names end in vowels, so I expect him to be very good to her. I wonder why she didn't marry the last guy I met? That's my recent past in a nutshell. I hope that all of you are doing fine. Kate