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  1. Home Redmedies

    I usually hear about home remedies and doubt that whatever it is actually works. Especially when its concerned with medical issues. But I has an experience I had to share. Three weeks ago I went on a road trip with a friend to Wyoming and Louisiana, an awesome trip by the way! And shortly after we got back I started passing stones and ended up with a bladder infection (the joys of holding it while driving). I don't have insurance and went to the ER, I was scared the stones meant it traveled to my kidneys, and it cost me $1200 for the visit and a round of antibiotics. I finished the antibiotics last Saturday and Tuesday the infection was back again. I started taking Azo to help with the pain and tried to deal with it until my next trip to town (we live over an hour from the hospital). Last night I googled alternatives to antibiotics and found one that seemed strange but I had it in the cabinets and thought it was worth a shot, a teaspoon of Cream of Tartar in a glass of water. So I drank the concoction last night and today the infection, pain and discomfort has subsided. Best I've felt since I got home from the trip! I figured I would share and possibly help someone else with my new 'findings' and would love to hear any other home remedies for anything! Anyone have any remedies for fly control? We could use that one lol
  2. Senior Mare Weight Problems

    oh gotcha, I don't remember seeing that before but it has been a few months since I had frequented the boards
  3. Senior Mare Weight Problems

    Lola just realized the link was my post. Stupid tablet makes everything so funky
  4. Senior Mare Weight Problems

    I stopped the bute three days ago, so she's just getting the senior, grass and alfalfa now. She's still trotting up to me when its grain time so I think she's doing better than she was. Thanks for the link jubal, I'll check it out now. Luckily the temp dropped significantly today so we got a break yay!
  5. Fighting Neighbors. What To Do?

    Good luck! What a pain! I hope they'll be gone by the weekend. What a horrible situation!
  6. Senior Mare Weight Problems

    DancinDreaminKid- sounds like we have the same horse to deal with. I'd post a picture but I'm still getting used to my tablet and not sure how on this thing. Alaska- your mare looks great for her age, filled out perfect. I'll have to check into beat pulp, we live in a small town with one feed store, so we're limited on what we can get here, and everything overpriced. I might have to head to the next county over to pick everything up. Probably more affordable that way too! We've had some very hot days here, 106 yesterday, and I wondered if its a bad thing to feed them as often when its that hot. I know it gets the body working and can increase the body heat and with high temps it worries me they can have a heat stroke. Am I being ridiculous?
  7. Senior Mare Weight Problems

    I've used Stable Mix before but decided against it when I moved up here as its nearly $100 a barrel even with barrel trade in. I hadn't even thought of hay cubes, that's a great idea, thank you! As soon as I run out of this alfalfa I'll pick some up! The vet said a complete senior feed is all she would need but I didn't agree, I know they need a roughage and am not comfortable just feeding her grain. She eats grass hay just fine, and since she shares it with my other mare she'll still get that. I just want her to get more calories than that can give her and I think hay cubes are perfect. Thank you all for the advice and suggestions, I greatly appreciate it!
  8. Senior Mare Weight Problems

    We have no pasture unfortunately, nothing grows well here. I switched from primarily hay to senior due to her teeth, she has a hard time eating hay compared to grains, when she was just on hay she lost more weight than I anticipated, even with my feeding 6 times a day (I don't work and I'm particular about them eating often). I was planning on cutting off the butte after a couple weeks then doing it whenever she seems stiff. I thought about how people are on medications and know it can be tough on the gut and possibly cause her to be worse without it (not sure if horses get withdrawals).
  9. Dog Food...again!

    I'm not sure if they still have it, but blue used to offer $5 off coupons on their website. We get ours at tractor supply and it tends to go on sale often, so that the basic and wilderness are the price the general normally is. I'm pretty frugal, so I try and save what I can and only buy it on sale lol
  10. Senior Mare Weight Problems

    She isn't 'prescribed' the Bute, I was giving it to new for after her dental work, and she started galloping around and frolicking, playing like a foal, so I continue to give it to her thinking it makes her 'happier'? I guess you could say. Heidi its rough taking care of a senior, especially when its coming down to the 'is she happy and comfortable' thought. Mine is feisty, she's a b$#@ and very stubborn. I feel like when her times come, she'll have lost that fire. She's been with my 19 year old mare for 8 years and the younger treats her like mom, so to me its more heartbreaking thinking how Keno will deal with Smokee being gone. So I'm doing everything I can to improve her, make her healthy enough to make it a few more years. My biggest worry about her lack of hiney is neighbors possibly calling animal control or thinking we're neglecting them. They're my babies, I do everything I can, and I want to continue to, so if it were possible to give her that butt, id like to lol. But if I can't, at least I know its not due to lack of nutrition or care. Oz- that's very true and I hadn't thought of that. She's got a little knot in her left front knee and that's her tender spot, the rest seem fine. But I definitely don't want to stress it or cause anything to get worse!
  11. Dog Food...again!

    We feed Blue Buffalo, but switch around to the different types, ie Basic, Wilderness and the general food. We have two mastiffs and a boxer that is allergic to nearly everything. We switch every month from one to the other for similar reasons you do, dog gets 'bored' and stops eating (boxer). But we've found by switching around in the same label we keep them eating and know they have good quality food. We buy large breed versions of each food btw.
  12. I haven't posted on here in quite a few months as I've just been overwhelmed as heck. Anyway, I'm hoping for suggestions on hopefully putting weight on my mares rear end. Here's her back story: Blameitonmidnite is 28 (02/01/1986) and a registered AQHA grey mare. We call her Smokee. I bought her when she was 18, almost 19 (01/15/2005) and she had been a broodmare prior, retired at 10 from barrel racing with a 'navicular' diagnosis and moved to popping out babies. She has had I believe 8 pregnancies, 7 healthy foals. She also has arthritis, came about 3 years ago, and has melanoma since I've had her, but was just recently diagnosed last year (officially). Smokee is slightly underweight, barely see her ribs at certain angles, but has a belly, and what really bothers me is her lack of weight on her rump. I've read high protein diets can help increase fat there but am not having any luck. I had the vet out two weeks ago today and had her teeth and shots done, a 'wellness 'check' and went over her diet, she says nothing will help with the weight back there but I just want to see if there are any other opinions or suggestions. Her current diet consists of 5 pounds Manna Senior 12%, 7 pounds Purina Senior (what the vet recommended) 14% and a half ounce of Bute just to help with the arthritis, 3 pounds of alfalfa, and 8 of grass hay that is shared with my other mare, the rest she eats solo. I have yet to worm her as her and my other mare are very difficult to worm but I should have it done by the end of the weekend. Anyway, how does her diet sound? Satisfactory? Any suggestions on getting more junk in her trunk?
  13. Question About Hand,injury

    I never think to use gloves, I multi task. I was working on my chicken coop and running over to help him when he'd need me, just didn't even think about it oops! Luckily it's all dried out and starting to heal!
  14. Question About Hand,injury

    I did the same thing yesterday. We were building a shelter for our horses and using tin roofing, hubby slipped on the ladder and dropped his side making me lose control of mine and the metal sliced through the base of my thumb. Have about an inch long gash with some skin bubbled up alongside it. Super sore and stiff but I have to deal with it. I haven't put anything on it other than soap but I don't recommend that. I'm just accident prone and basically used to this kinda thing. I hope yours gets better! Sounds pretty painful!
  15. Cherry Eye In A Corso

    That's the plan now, we just had faith this one would be good, til we actually went there. I just hope they're better with horses since there's no other vet and the nearest town is down a super windy road that hauling a trailer on is very difficult, my mom saw a truck hauling a trailer catch fire on it, so now I'm scared to death! Unfortunately the surgery has two wait two weeks as we're leaving for Hawaii soon, but as soon as we get back she's gonna get a nice road trip to a good vet!