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    Hello here to the boards kind of. I have been a 'lurker' persay when I Google a question and the answer brings me here and I used to have a username of Dressage4Fun but I can't seem to login to it! I thought I would finally come introduce myself here to get move involved with the boards because I am looking at breeding a mare and I want some outside opinions and such. There are so many knowledgeable people on here I think it is a good place to start. I don't have a horse at the moment, but have had several offers to lease broodmares. I have a stud in mind that I am interested in breeding to, just need to find the right mare to match! I have had several horses in the past and my family currently owns and shows half-arabs, however I am not an arab lover. My love is the Quarter Horse :) I love BIG butts and strong horses. I have been riding dressage for several years but have recently fallen in love with reining and performance horses. My ultimate horse would be an all arounder. Currently I work for a medical software company and travel frequently for my job leaving me little time for horses. Over the next two years however the traveling will be slowing down as I move into a management position and will be able to stay home and 'manage the troops' so to speak. I currently own a dog (Dodger - hence the name) who is the love of my life. I used to post on here about his anxiety issues. He is still an anxious dog who is full of problems, but I love him to pieces and we are working through any issues. Well...thats me! Just wanted to say hi and officially introduce myself! I look forward to 'meeting' the rest of you and learning from you all! Just for fun...I attached a pic of my 'nut job' of a dog