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  1. ? On How You Guys Breed Studs And Mares

    We acquired 2 brood mares from a family friend April of this year, they are 11 and 3 years old. Sage (11) had a 5 month old filly at her side and Lady (3) was had a colt in May. Before we got them these mares were kept with a stud running free in the pasture. The old owner kept telling me Lady was due to foal in March, when he really had no idea because he has no control over his breeding. We were also told Sage was not bred back, well that's not true either. She is as big as a house right now. I tell you all of this to say pasture breeding happens all the time. This lady doesn't know what she is talking about. This stud had free rane to breed his mares when ever he wanted. This was a thriving horse ranch that bred roping and cutting horses (Colonel Freckles line) until he died a few years ago and his son did not want to carry on th business.
  2. Crazy Barns

    ILP, I am so sorry you and your family are going through this. When I read this it reminds me of high school drama, not how adults should act. Personally, I have never been to a barn, my horses have always been on family land (believe me that has its own, but my advise to you is hold your head high and find a new home (barn) for your family and your horse. One that respects you and your horse.
  3. Honey Boo Boo Sratch/sniff Cards

    I agree with you Rosy, not everyone from the south acts this way. Like my husband says, "It's a lack of home training". I have 2 teenage boys and this show just confuses them because if you ask them girls do not "pass gas"...hehe It's how I was raised :-) No they are not sheltered or good ole farm boys, they know better, but if she wants to date my son she will have manners.
  4. Was Fescue The Cause Or Something Else?

    How is your mare and colt doing? Is everything ok?
  5. Oakley's Breeding Thread (Aka Ai For A Noob)

    Good luck with your baby, I'll be following your journey! How exciting, my first colt is 3 weeks old and it has been so amazing :-)
  6. Kaycee's Foal Watch

    He is beautiful. I am jealous, my mare is due any day and it is killing me!
  7. Hatch Chile (New Pics)

    Beautiful horse :-)