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  1. To Stop It From Happening?

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I'll keep them in mind and give it some thought as to my next steps. I have asked a few trainers and they have said similar things especially that it is one of the most dangerous problems to have when a horse just chooses to do this rearing for no reason other than what I call "having a temper tantrum". I have been lunging him and working with him on the ground however he is good as gold and has full respect at that time. It is when he is out riding and just decides to explode that really has me worried. I have no trust in him now when it comes to this. Will continue to ask for feedback and will see if I can find a professional willing to give it a try to help me stop this horrible habit. The horse is absolutely wonderful in every other way than this one. I feel I owe it to myself and to him to see if someone out there can help me. I live in Orono, Ontario if anyone knows a good trainer out my way I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks again for your support and advice!
  2. I have an 8 year of gelding very strong in personality. We have over come a few "issues" over the past few years like lack of respect for personal space and locking up his legs and refusing to walk when you riding on the trail. My new challenge he has put to me is he has decided when he feels like it he starts to rear. He'll do it whenever and wherever he feels like it. Nothing has spooked him or upset him like that. He just decides he doesn't want to do what I am asking him and he has a temper tantrum. I have been riding for many years but have never experienced this before. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. Don't want to give up on this guy because he has so much potential but also don't want to get hurt. Info on the horse... 8 year old gelding very stubborn but at the same time incredibly intelligent in the field with 3 other horses and is definitely the boss feels by his actions that he thinks he is the alpha to everyone including me therefore I can't let him get away with anything has perfect ground manners has no problems with his health, saddle or bridle fitting doesn't care if he is with other horses or not when out riding so having a companion horse along for the ride to reduce this kind of explosive reaction doesn't help I ride with a loose reign...not hard on his mouth at all and he doesn't grab at the bit and fight me on it at all. Hopefully someone has some suggestions on how to approach dealing with this kind of problem. Thanks!
  3. Help! My Horse Doesn't Want To Go Home!

    Thank you all for your suggestions. I am still having problems with my guy. I have been really paying attention to him and I believe it is almost a battle of power with him. He is king of the heard and I feel like he is trying to group me into that category. To answer some of your questions: He just did it once about 6 months ago coming back from a ride out of now where and then now it is developed into every time he goes out (on the trails, in the neighboring fields and even in our own pasture that he is out in all day). He has 3 other barn mates that he gets along with great. He isn't worked hard when I get home He has a great pasture of 8 acres of grass to play in with his 3 other friends. He also gets fed great and has shelter in all of the fields. Overall I think his home life is pretty awesome. I have been lunging him before going out just the last few times because I thought he could burn off some steam and it would help however it doesn't. In fact in lunging him now he'll just stop and refuse to go. I can get him going though because I have the lunge line to crack a bit and he will go out again. I just feel that now he has learned how to do this stopping and now is using it everywhere. I thought I would go back to the beginning. Just lunging him and doing ground work. Kind of starting from scratch working together for him to learn what is right and wrong. I thought riding him in a ring for a little bit and just working on basics might be the way to go. He did do well however on the way back to the barn he pulled this stopping business in the gate and he wouldn't move. I mean I am a strong rider, no fears, and I have done everything but use spurs to get him to move and he locks up his legs and would rather tip over than move forward. I am thinking spurs might be worth a shot but I have never used them before and don't know if that is the solution. I feel once again that it is him being the "alpha" to the other horses and he is putting me in that group. He has figured out that if he just locks up he has won. I don't get off becuase I don't want him to think he has won however I waiting approx 2 hours getting him to move a couple feet and then he would stop again trying to get home. I can't go out for long rides because I can't get home. I ride with another horse and he doesn't care if that horse leaves him alone on the trail. My friend actually has to come up and take my reins and pull in order for him to walk a few steps and then he stops again. Any more suggestions would be awesome. I feel like I am going to give up and he is a wonderful horse for everything else but this problem is just stumping me. Any help would be great!!!
  4. Help! My Horse Doesn't Want To Go Home!

    I am hoping someone can help me out with my problem with my horse. I have been riding for almost 30 years and have never experienced this problem. I have a 7 year old gelding who is super smart. Last summer he developed a habit that I can't seem to figure out how to stop. He loves to go out riding, loves to go exploring, loves to have a job. My problem is that when I turn around to come home he doesn't want to go. He has a small little fit ( a little rear) and then locks up his legs and won't move. I have tried turning him tight circles but he will almost tip over instead. I hold his head right tight to my foot but he doesn't care he'll leave it there for many minutes withouth even changing his facial expression. I have used a crop and get nothing from him. He stands firmly in place and won't move. His back leg just relaxes and he just stays put. My friend who rides with me comes up beside me an pulls on the reins and he'll finally move but only a few steps an then he locks up again. If I can finally get him turned around to go back out he is then fine. I have tried riding him in different places but he knows the turn to the point when we are heading home and this all starts again. He doesn't care if my friend rides off and leaves us alone either. He loves our barn, gets lots of attention and food there and has 3 other barn mates that he loves so it isn't like he hates to go home becuase it is a horrible place. I am at a loss as to what to do. My next effort is to just let him stand (even though he'll stand there for 15 mins and then take 2 steps and it starts all over again) but I feel like perhaps I'll just have to do this over and over and perhaps he'll get bored and stop this habit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! UPDATE: Just wanted to let you all know that my boy has taken a turn for the better. I caved and tried to use spurs. Although I didn't want to I felt it was my only option and it works great. Just had to use them gently but it was enough to get his attention and earn the respect I needed from him. Thanks to everyone for all of your suggestions. I really appreciate it!!!!