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  1. The Front Porch

    Don't do it 6th generation native speaking. You font have yo worry about the gators or million venomous snakes here... more like the million bugs who every animals and human is somewhat allergic to, the heat that will melt your skin off, and the people, specifically the "Florida man and Florida woman" you see on the news or in the papers.
  2. Old Time Lurker

    I've came out of the lurking shadows and hope to be more vocal on here. I'm Tori. I own 2 horses, a QH mare who's 16 named Raven and a yearling-ish aged Paint Arabian cross gelding named Raja (a rescue). We live in South Florida and sweat a lot lol. I grew up on cow ponies chasing and showing cattle, I've just came back to horses and I'm attempting to become serious in riding.
  3. The Manic Mare

    I'm just reaching out to ask a general question about my mare. Shes a 16 yr old whohatesjust about everyone she shares a paddock with or a stall wall. She has gotten worse over the past year that I've had her. Now she's beating up my rescue yearling. And he's a timid little guy who just wants someone to make him feel safe out in the paddock. She's also biting the stall walls between her and he new gelding and has beaten up several other mares and fillies at this barn. Luckly noone has been seriously hurt. My vet told me about ReguMate, but I really dont want to go that route. I know there has to be an herbal remedy out there or something more natural. Has anyone had problems like this and what did you do to fix it? True I could just keep them separate but I'd like to keep them together incase I ever have to keep them in a paddock togehter in the future.
  4. Saddle/stirrup/girth Question

    Sorry I did forget to mention I did raise them 2 holes, after that picture, since my long legged manager was using my saddle the week before. They were raised for our trail ride too. Ill get another picture if I need to Friday when I go to the barn.
  5. Saddle/stirrup/girth Question

    Hi, I'm new here and have been riding most of my life. I just started leasing a new gelding from my manager at work and I love him. Though he's a button pusher. Anyways here's my scenario. We went on quite a long trail ride the other day and I noticed that my ankles and knees were killing me by the end. Not to mention that my weird foot had went half numb and stayed that way much longer than normal. (I've shown cattle all my life and had quiet a few stomp on my foot, combined with a few long nights in heels there's minor nerve damage that makes it go numb sometimes). The woman I was riding with said my stirrups were too long and that was my problem. But they seemed just right? Yes I am not used to 3 hours of riding but I've never hurt like that. I ride in a Circle Y barrel saddle, impact gel pad, and wider barrel stirrups. I have never loved the stirrups but I've never had any real problems with them. So I'm looking for suggestions on what to do here. I'm not wanting a new saddle, but new stirrups are an option. My second question is what kind of girth should I get? My last horse was an extremely round, and fat guy. So my 36 inch girth is way to big for poor Simon. He's the fella in the picture below. What size, brand, and style would you recommend? I'm mainly trail riding and learning him right now but I think he's going to be used for trails and some rodeo events. Thank you in advance for any advice. I really appreciate it.