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    Horsemanship and equine research
  1. @strykerphd We have watched you win the 'Mile twice at @EmeraldDowns ! We will be there in August hoping that you d… https://t.co/4q31MgRVbo

  2. Beautiful sunset at Emerald Downs ☺️ https://t.co/xlwlMkTspW

  3. Looking forward to the Pegasus Sale. Let the contract signing begin!

  4. RT @GollyGaloshes: #FF to our fab 'Team GG' @VBEventing @NBakerParaRider. Also @haynetblog @equestrianhour @HorseAnswersTod #happyfri https…

  5. Perfect Horse: In the movies, a  horse would recover from a serious injury and go on to be a fabulous c... http://t.co/ZW4dcQNUID

  6. Hello From Seattle

    I am new to Horsecity . I am excited to be here. I have ridden all my life but it seems as if the more I learn, the more I realize how little I knew in the beginning! In May I return to school online to do a Diploma in Equine Science and I will be blogging at http://Equinedipity.com/ . Look forward to meeting fellow newbies!
  7. Return To Saddle: Today felt right. I pulled the saddle out of hibernation and my helmet from the depths ... http://t.co/xdspxP1abA