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  1. Closed -The Green Oasis Farm & Feed

    This topic has been closed due to violation of's advertising/soliciting policy.
  2. Closed -Hi Im from a Welsh sanctuary in the UK

    This topic has been closed due to violation of's advertising/soliciting policy.
  3. The Investigation in Trump's ties to Russia

    Well it will end for the next 30 days now. Thanks, All. Have a good evening.
  4. The error messages that have been affecting thread posts are currently addressed. We are working to correct as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding as we work to remedy this.
  5. Confederate Flag?

    Guys, play nice and stop the instigation. Don't push each other's buttons & don't force my hand. Move forward. Thank you - Admin.
  6. Unexpected Horsecamping Trip

    DR650 - "I taught for 45 years and like to share knowledge." If you do not do it respectfully and courteously from here forward, you will be removed from doing it on this forum. Please consider this as a notation that your posts are evidently hostile and less than "helpful" as you claim to be and snotty disrespect will not be tolerated, no matter the years of experience. Thank you.
  7. Waiting For Others To Join @ Restaurant

    Watch the attitudes, please. Stay on the subject, please avoid being rude or abrupt with each other. Thank you. - Admin.
  8. If this thread continues with ABSOLUTELY ANY FURTHER RUDENESS, NAME CALLING, or any SORT OF HOSTILITY that could be even MODERATELY interpreted as a personal attack - EVERY. SINGLE. INDIVIDUAL INVOLVED WILL BE BANNED FOR ONE WEEK. PERIOD. I'M TIRED OF IT. END OF DISCUSSION. Keep it civil or I will escort you OFF this forum. - ADMIN.
  9. Admins/mods

    You guys are most welcome, couldn't do it w/o you! Very sorry for the delay gosh those people were INCESSANT!
  10. Admins/mods

    Doing our best, just got the notifications & tackled the list of reports. Thank you guys for being so diligent & helpful!
  11. And Poof It Was Gone

    Wolf, & everyone else - I DELETED THE TOPIC. ENOUGH. Admin.
  12. Who's On "time-Out, Standing-In-The-Corner Or Banned"

    Blondyy has been suspended for 7 days & issued a 3rd warning point for posting the avatar of the breeding giraffes
  13. Dan From North Central New Mexico

    Hi NewMexicoOutdoor, We are glad to have you! But I have to inform you that your link below your name is actually considered advertising, and per our forum rules, is not allowed. Please be aware for the future and we hope you enjoy your time on Horse City. Thanks, Admin.