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    I enjoy riding and showing my horse Chuckie.and reading books going shopping with friends and watching tv.And hanging out with my boyfriend.
  1. Nerves When Showing

    Hi all, What do you all do when you got your first show of the year and your very nervous for your first show?I have to take Xanax and that calms my nerves down.Just wondered what over remedies there are.Thanks!
  2. Hello From Ohio

    Hi, I will put pics on here from my horse show next Sunday.Nice meeting you and thank you for the welcome!
  3. Hello From Ohio

    Hi all, My name is Susan.I am 37 yrs old and my birthday is next Sunday May 12th and I am soo excited it's my first show of the year.I go ride my horse Chuckie at the trainer's on Tuesday.I show in walk trot pleasure horsemanship and pleasure classes.I cannot show or ride lope because of my chronic back pain.It's hard because I cannot ride that much and I wish I could.I am from Navarre Ohio.I enjoy reading riding my horse and showing him at open shows and cosca.And hanging out with my boyfriend.I hope to make new friends on here. From,Susan