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  1. Hey maybe Im wrong but are you on horseforum too? I recognise the names "amberly" and "brisco" we chatted before in horse chat on horseforum!!! We can chat on this now!! I cant get into horseforum anymre I dunno why!! I dont know if you remember me! I was "trigger123"

  2. In Hand Trail

    I like to leave my horse's mane long - but it is completely up to you. Any halter and lead that can fit your horse nad that you like. Make sure to practice showing with it on if you can. Do tons of groudnwork every day so he is used to his surroundings and te other horses. Before and after the shows do groundwork - especially before the show because you want your horse to be listening to you 100%. Don't wear tons of make up, always smile, always look and be proud of your horse, stand tall and proud, answer questions with confidence and don't say "uhm." Just do as the judge says with the gates. For our shows - we always enter the west gate and always leave the north gate. Usually there isn't a time limit for showing on ground and riding. But when you set up your horse, try your best not to take more than 10 or 5 seconds. If his front feet are in line, don't bother moving his back feet, otherwise you might mess up the fron again and you will take more time tan you need to. Judges look for everything: whether your horse is listening, if he does what you ask, if he pivots nicely, if he does his speeds correctly, if he is easy to control and handle, everything. In showmanship I think it is equal - but more towards the horse's side. But both you and the horse are judged. In riding, same thing. For riding: Euqitation is mainly judged on you, and pleasure is mainly judged on the horse. But whether you are judged or not, always act like both you and the horse are getting equal judging.
  3. Do I Know Anybody?

    I live seven miles from the southwest border of british columbia - not too far from alberta I guess. our town gets a ton of canadian peoples, haha!!
  4. Help! My Horse Doesn't Want To Go Home!

    Make sure you are doing enough groundwork before you mount up. If he doens't listen to you from ground, he won't listen while you are on him.
  5. Teaching Horses To Move Away From Pressure

    Well, I know that when my 1130 pound horse steps on my foot, I love to know that when I apply pressure to his flank he should move off my foot and no one wil get seriously injured. How you apply the pressure makes a difference as well. If you apply a flat hand to his flank, then of course he will push into you, so would I most likely. But when you use a hoofpick or your thumb, it will mkae them uncomfortable and they will want to move away.
  6. New From The Northwest!

    And here are a few photos I took recently.
  7. New From The Northwest!

    Hello! I have owned horses for about 13 years. I have been riding for about two of those years. We currently own three horses - a rocky mountain and two Blazers. My current horse is 21 year old gelding named Brisco. He stand 15.1 hand at the whithers. Golley, our other Blazer horse, is being borrowed by my friend. This is golley's lasy year for 4-H and long and hard riding. After fair this year, his reitrement begins! Golley has given us the best 10 years we could ask for, he has given us his love, hard work, and trust. He respects us and does everything we ask of him and tries his best to harder. If he doens't know what you are aksing, he still tries to do something. Golley is 21 years and a gelding as well. Golley and Brisco are brothers - Golley is older by just a month and a few days. Chocky, short for Chocolate, short for Northwest Mountain Chocolate, is our Rocky Mountain. This little guy is just seven years old and doing Great. Over my life, we have owned at least six horses. One died from cancer, two we sold, and the other died of old age. The other three are here with us! Right now we board our horses, but we have our well drilled on our other property (this property is right next door to our house.) but still need electricity to get the water. We did have our horse's with us before, but hauling water was pain and the elk kept getting in our hay through all our efforts to put tarps, heavy boards, an old basketball hoop stand, and the water tank/container to keep it secured. If the elk get on lttle nose in or one little horn in, they will tear it down until they reach hay. Other than horses, I do a bit of photography. I am no pro, but I do enjoy it. I have been doing photography for about two years now with my Nikon Coolpix P500. I have a website up if any of you are interested in checking out my photographs!! I know quite a bit about horses - but I know I still have tons, and tons to learn.