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  1. U To Can Train Your Horse.

    Very cool SR. Thanks.
  2. U To Can Train Your Horse.

    and this one is even better. DON'T give up. Be inspired!
  3. U To Can Train Your Horse.

    I've been away for a few days and getting back to some basics with mine since I've been way behind. For some reason that I can NOT explain I came across this and went WOW! I guess that I have to work a little harder and longer on my 3..... how about just one of my 3.
  4. Hey Brother, Can You Spare A Shoe?

    Thanks Ad. I had heard of them but didn't know much about them. Interesting to learn a little something more about Native Americans. city-gal. You are going through a lot and it's not easy and at times the drugs and confusion can make you "mushy". You be as mushy as you want along with every amplified mood swing that you have. Sereno says thanks for your thanks and your note. If something so easy as sending a horse shoe can make a difference to someone else, and him, then maybe we are onto something. Stay well.
  5. Crazy Barns

    I've done my time in the Corp. world and the Diplomatic one. I had learned never to be cornered. I worked hard at finding solutions that worked. My old self will only play the games so for very long now. Sometimes ya got to find alternatives and sometimes YOU have to make those happen. Time to start driving around and finding a new place that does not have a connection OR cares about the two barns that you talk about. A private place perhaps? It sounds like either you will be Diplomat extraordinary or just a matter of time before you find yourself cornered and no place to go. So far they are herding you into any corner they want you in...... and they will not stop. Good Luck and I DO feel for you.
  6. Stuck Again/word Jumble Game

    Sorry. I didn't follow your rules about just giving a hint. Sonata was HARD, but I sorta play the piano and I guess that it just tugged at me and I kept looking and thinking and.... as in my favorite... Moonlight Sonata. Thanks for the fun.
  7. What Do U Take On A Long Ride?

    Some really good ideas and reasons. I'm thinking 2 or 3 days out and should not be a problem finding small stores but would like some comforts while camping. I guess I should how our mare takes to being packed and led.
  8. Stuck Again/word Jumble Game

    chints = snitch astoan = sonata ?
  9. Stuck Again/word Jumble Game

    How does the game work? You got "style" nick.
  10. Hey Brother, Can You Spare A Shoe?

    But you tried as others have done so YOUR luck will pass on. My wife mailed Sereno's shoe this morning from N.Y. so it should arrive in a couple of days. I think that it has caught a lot of well wishes and luck from here so it might be a little heavy. Funny. I'll hold on to a worn out, rusty horse shoe... for ever if I can. When we moved from the State to the D.R., it just about broke my heart to get rid of some good memories those old shoes had. Almost a life times worth.
  11. Hey Brother, Can You Spare A Shoe?

    Sorry, I could not get back to continue my post. I've heard about Dream Catchers but never saw one up close. Please tell us what the parts are and what each part means. Thanks Ad.
  12. Hey Brother, Can You Spare A Shoe?

    Very nice Ad. Can I have one? From my wife to me, we get a little behind on our emails when she travels. "Thanks for providing entertainment value for the Puerto Plata airport security people … 4-5 of them were gathered around the x-ray screen and thought it was very funny that I had a horse shoe in my luggage J" So the luck builds.
  13. So I Got A Peruvian:)

    First time I've ever seen this guy. My grandfather used some of the same training that he talks about....... back in 1959. I use some of what he taught me and it worked just fine. Some things I disagree with but after all, Clinton is still a young pup and learning. LOL