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  1. Me at the end of every episode of @CasualOnHulu: Oh my god this was directed by who!?

  2. RT @poetastrologers: Friend: Just don’t jump to conclusions Gemini:

  3. RT @poetastrologers: Week of 2/4 in Gemini: You aren't surprised when you change course, but almost everyone else is. They mean well, when…

  4. RT @ThatRebecca: Two women in their 80s(?) just rolled into the nail salon carrying Super Big Gulps and laughing hysterically. They are dri…

  5. when your big desktop still works but you're using mobile everything b/c it's so outdated. #mac #desktop #safari4

  6. RT @poetastrologers: Week of 12/31 in Gemini: 2018 will bring you soothing music that plays all night, fancy cheese, kisses from another Ge…

  7. god @FinnWittrock in #Landline is just the perfect 90s dreamboat. #jennyslate #movies

  8. Or me, every day in my miniature kitchen.

  9. RT @NitrateDiva: Me: Time to stop working, slide into the holidays, and claim some much-needed personal time! Also me:…

  10. my fridge must always contain #DelicedeBourgogne !! Cheese from heaven.

  11. RT @JarettSays: And now, Casey Wilson with one of my all-time favorite line readings, just cuz #HappyEndings #MyHush

  12. RT @erinruberry: Iceland has my favorite holiday tradition of all: Jolabokaflod, or the "Christmas Book Flood," where people give each othe…

  13. I Think About This a Lot: One Line From St. Elmo’s Fire via @thecut

  14. eating all the inexpensive, delicious #TraderJoes desserts i can find. #itsallsogood #cheapmeals

  15. RT @selfstyledsiren: Great essay by one of my favorite film writers, Dan Callahan, on the incomparable Gloria Grahame…