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  1. @rachsyme My husband and I love the picture of him and Carly Simon on their wedding day. He even made me a hard copy. Stunning couple.

  2. @oliviasview @jj__george Holy crap me too but this makes a LOT of sense.

  3. RT @pistoleraprod: The story of how people love and therefore live. Beautiful. This is what being in love looks like – in pictures https:/…

  4. RT @newbeverly: Happy birthday, Greta Gerwig!

  5. RT @Lin_Manuel: Gmorning. How long are you going to keep carrying that one conversation in your heart? The one where you said or did the ex…

  6. listening to my washing machine at night is terrifying. #houselife #life #yiikes #whatisthatsound

  7. @sarahdessen @KaceyMusgraves I listen to this album almost every day! I love it so much. @sarahdessen

  8. RT @wheezywaiter: Hard to find people saying nice things about our country these days. This Reddit thread may warm your heart:…

  9. RT @caitlinmoran: So me and @salihughes revamped #inthebathroomwith to just #inthebath. We got in the bath. And I drank cider.…

  10. RT @dsam4a: The UK's National Health Service spared @robdelaney's family from financial stress while they endured the grief of losing their…

  11. RT @BilgeEbiri: Imma let you finish the new Greta Gerwig adaptation of LITTLE WOMEN, but Gillian Armstrong's 1994 version with Winona Ryder…

  12. Caitlin Moran: My life in objects @thepooluk #thepool

  13. RT @MegJNesmith: "[Harry] is the ultimate fusion of Mick Jagger’s yin and Paul McCartney’s yang – that mix of the Stonesy flamboyant rogue…

  14. RT @mjhegar: Why am I running for Congress against a Tea Party Republican in Texas? It all started with a door:

  15. when you can't stay out late partying because you have to get up at 5 am the next day to work 14 hours...#adulting #life #ugh