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  1. RT @WeeMissBea: Myself @sharonhorgan & @Andrew_Nolan have made this VIDEO with the help of our CLOWN PALS. We hope to make you LAUGH. PLEAS…

  2. RT @johngreen: Why I'm not on this web site that much.

  3. @becauseivy @rachsyme noooooooooooooooooooooooo. ????

  4. RT @poetastrologers: Week of 5/13 in Gemini: If you really start to put your mind to it, you can start to appreciate all the things you had…

  5. @areeeegzzzz :p

  6. RT @SamBaker: Sick of being a woman and expected to work for love, mission, someone else’s agenda? This essay is fascinating. TLDR? Get pai…

  7. RT @poetastrologers: Geminis tweeting

  8. My adult life has been entirely guided by O magazine @thepooluk #thepool

  9. good lord, #JohnHoward blows me away. #music

  10. don't know who I am more excited to watch: @AnnaKendrick47, @StephenMerchant or Wyatt Russell in #Table19 too close to call. #movies

  11. Sundays are for INDIAN FOOOOOOD. #sundayfunday #myweekend

  12. @victoriaedel @rachsyme @KaceyMusgraves Drove around my neighborhood blasting ‘Happy & Sad’ last night on repeat. Perfect song!!

  13. RT @bellapillar: RAINBOW is such an important song & i hope it lives on forever #GoldenHour #KaceyMusgraves

  14. RT @MARIADAHVANA: The person I love sometimes deserves hot chocolate, and tears that are not judged. The person I love deserves to fill her…

  15. RT @anne_theriault: I'm so excited to have an essay about mental health and the weird magic of growing things in the latest issue of @gutsm…