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  1. RT @TexasMonthly: .@HEB’s second round of limited-edition reusable shopping bags emblazoned with the image of La Reina de Tejano didn’t sel…

  2. RT @BrandyLJensen: if you say you love Christmas music all I hear is “I’ve never worked retail”

  3. RT @LouisPeitzman: I wrote about my obsession with Bon Appétit's test kitchen videos and my undying love for Claire Saffitz and Brad Leone.…

  4. RT @PatrickW: This could help bring large parts of rural US into the modern economy and make them less vulnerable to Trump-like demagogues.…

  5. RT @SFACC: Last night our head vet returned from #ButteCounty after days of caring for #CampFire animals. She brought some temp guests, ple…

  6. RT @franklinleonard: Biden looks like he just realized that he adopted the canine version of himself.

  7. RT @annawiener: I wrote a bit about the Whole Earth Catalog (first published 50 years ago), and chatted with Stewart Brand:…

  8. @sarahdessen You mean the way Hailey meets Macon!? Mind blown.

  9. @rachsyme This is gorgeous! Where did you get it?

  10. @sarahdessen That is too cool!!!

  11. Totally loved #AStarIsBorn. But hearing Bradley Cooper do his best Sam Elliott/Christian Bale was something else. #thatvoice #LadyGaga

  12. RT @ethanluck: 9 years ago?! Happy anniversary to a record that I was so fortunate to be a part of, with some good friends. I’d love to pla…

  13. @RevDJEsq @MrsFridayNext @moryan Have you seen Travel Man with Richard Ayoade? So good.

  14. @biencalabro @mariskreizman His accent is unreal. ????

  15. RT @kevinbacon: 30 years! I can’t believe it. @kyrasedgwick is the woman of my dreams and the music in my life. #tolovesomebody #beegees ht…