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  1. Wire Snaffle Bit

    It might be because you are new to him. The horse might offer his service peacefully only to those people who are familiar to them. This might be a reason. But if you are habitual to horse riding, I hope you will tackle it very soon.
  2. Identify This Saddle

    Well, I don't think that a picture may help us to identify the saddle. But you have to try it in your local market. Even then you may put the picture here, I will try to identify it for you.
  3. Barrel Raceing Lesson 2

    Thanks for the information. This is very helpful. I find it very useful as I also own a horse and I was searching for such information. I like to read it and will use it. This is a very good thing about the discussion.
  4. It is really very easy to get your horse for a show. Just you have to make her bath, it is a time taking process as you have to take care of its every part. Then comes the part of decoration. you have to make her prepare so that it looks very different and impressive. Consult a professional that will help you the best.
  5. Ready To Start Trimming Again, New Pics

    Well, it's really nice to know about the well being of your horse. I saw the photographs, it is really satisfying to see it. Also thank you for sharing these pics and always welcome you for it.
  6. Gelding That Is Cut Still Reproduced

    The question arises here is who did it? Was he an animal's doctor or someone else? Consult a doctor if your really want to get the result. There might have been something undone at that time.
  7. Prayers Needed For Baby Girl

    Prayer to God for quickly recovery. I hope she is feeling better now. Lots of love for her.
  8. Bell And Leg Boots A Must?

    I think bellboot best for you and your horse. Bellboot protects his cornet band helps prevent him from throwing a shoe. It also helps the heel from injury. Best of luck for fairs and fun show.
  9. Eating During Ride?

    You should give him proper training. You can also use riding muzzle because it is not good- eating during riding.
  10. Horse Not Eating Grain.

    It is very difficult to suggest you anything without diagnosis. Better consult vet. All the best.
  11. She Didnt Want To Go!

    Please upload some picture. As we all know that all thing happen for some reason.
  12. I Have To Admit, I Am A Little Scared...

    I will pray that you will get good news.
  13. New To Thoroughbreds

    Welcome to this forum and Good luck and go ahead.
  14. Adding Pictures From An Iphone

    Sorry, I don't have idea too. Can't help you out. Compoundia Pharmacy
  15. Can Horses Live On Only Grass?

    Yes, horses can live on only grass if the horses are healthy and not in overworked. Compoundia Pharmacy