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    i barrel race, train.
  1. Rubber Shoes?

    ok thank you i will.
  2. Rubber Shoes?

    what are the Razor shoes? Ive never heard of them.
  3. Rubber Shoes?

    HI, I have been doing a lot of research on rubber shoes and I think I might try them. But before I do I wanted to ask fellow riders/ barrel racers if they have ever tried them. So, if you have please let me know how they are or your opinions.
  4. Help With Trimming

    Iy says that they are too big to upload.
  5. New Pics Of Crazy Bars

    new ferrier is all you need to do. find some one with a little more experiance. and will do as you ask
  6. Question On Lameness

    My mare has the same problem. does he trip a lot? because my mare does and all we had to do was back up her break over point and put shoes on her and she hasnt had a lame day since. if she doesnt need te wedges dont put them on her. try something else. save the wdges for when she really needs them. also have her re e-rayed.
  7. Best Glue On Shoes?

    Put him on hoof supp that will help strengthen his hooves. Also there are rubber shoes that nail on if you dont want metal. Ask your ferrier about glue on ones. there are many different types of shoes that are put on many differnt ways. research a few before making you final dession. here is the rubber ones. there are many exelent reveiws and videos on these.
  8. Vet Vs Barefoot Trimmer...i Just Want The Best For My Horse

    The absesses are from his hooves being to short. When you make a horse walk on its sole and frog it makes it easier to get bruises from rocks. Bruises cause absesses. We have this problem with our gelding that has founder and a thiroid problem. Having him on a low startch feed is good. What kind iis it? If your ferrier keeps cutting him so short it could possible cause problems in the long run. i would try a different ferrier for a few rounds and see if you see a difference in him. Also pick up the rocks. Those are how he is getting the absesses. you can also give him a hoof supp. if you are worried about them being too dry or wet. Does he have black or white hooves as this can also play a part in it.
  9. Places To Ride Near Chester, Wv/ East Liverpool, Oh

    saltfork has lots of nice trails and water to swim in.
  10. What Colors Or Special Tack To You Use ?

    i have a black bay and white mare. I have a brown saddle mossy oak pad, heastall, breast colloar. Orange bells, orange front overreach and brown hind overreach, teal reins. and a orange over under
  11. I Have A Speed Demon On My Hands.

    try taking her past the barrels so she doesnt shoulder in i did this with my mare and now she turns them perfectly. When you going and you feel her start to turn in to closely just push her a past it a few strides and eventaly she will get the hang of it an she will have plpenty of pocket room to get around them. With her fighting you you need to do a lot of rail work at a trot until she gets to respect you more. ask her to stop and back up every few minutes so she has to respond to you. experiment with different bits until you find one that works.
  12. Alternitive Shoeing Options Question

    They have rubber shoes that are very good for traction in mud, pavment, grass, dirt, sand ive read a lot of good reveiws on them. And they last for months. go to and check them out. they go on just like regular shoes and stay on better.
  13. Help With Trimming

    Hi, I have a 6yr old paint mare who is showing the early stages of navicular in her right ront. She hasnt lame just trips a lot and being a barrel horse this is not a good thing. The ferrier started to back up her breakover piont and she was doing much better. So I decided to get shoes put on her. Well we told the ferrier that she was getting shoes and he forgot and started cutting her. He got to the left hind and said that he just rembered that she was getting shoes. he stopped trimming her! he only trimmed her right front and both hinds. he put the shoes on and didnt trim her other front. this was causing her to trip very bad to the point I held her back and just went a slow canter. It has only been 5 weeks and have until he comes back out to ride her because she is tripping so much.The shoes made a world of differance in her confidence in her bad leg and she was running really good until her left hoove grew out and was causing problems. I need help on what to do. Im going to retiere her hopfully by next year when one of my other ones is ready. But I dont know how bad she actually is to keep her from doing what she loves. I would love to know what you guys think thank you.
  14. Help With Trimming

    Hi, I have a 6yr paint mare. She is showing the early sighns of navicular. She is very careful about that leg and it was affecting our times. I had the ferrier shoe her and set her angles differently and she did fine. But the ferrier only trimmed one front front hoove and left the other long. She was tripping on the long one. and having one angle different then the other was causing problems. what should i do. the shoes helped put her confindence back to where she was running good. but she was tripping a lot. She also bucks when I fist bumb her up. and ideas would be very helpful. thank you