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  1. Chiggers In 2 Round Bales Is There Something I Can Do

    It's only in a small part of our hay. I will let the frost take care of it. No need for DE thank you all
  2. That Talk Thread

    Roaddy is home and doing Great No issues at all.. I am sure he'll be on soon to update
  3. That Talk Thread

    Roaddy is doing good all went well with the cath... Not sure when he goes home though.
  4. That Talk Thread

    Everyone say a prayer for Rick "Roaddy" he is in the hospital they are taking him in for a heart Cath this afternoon. He text me last night . said he was having chest pains and went in to HS . I will update as he sends messages. I have a couple pictures of him and the kids to post if they ever get uploaded to my Photo bucket
  5. That Talk Thread

    Hi all Busy busy here. I have a new boarder coming at 2;30 and another I am picking up on sunday. I have lots of work to do getting ready for the barn cookout on Saturday . Lots to do and Praying the weather stays nice a while longer. Hope you all are doing well Talk soon. Lori
  6. That Talk Thread

    I did that with a huge crowd from a dog forum we met in KC and had a Blast I still talk with many and are great friends with a few and it has been 10 years ago.
  7. That Talk Thread

    Amen Rick!
  8. Would You Buy....

    that sounds like something you could do and sell online. I don't buy many gifts that are not very personal. I do bet they would sell if packaged right
  9. That Talk Thread

    yes sir!! letting that little girl near that horse with thongs on. I think you need to go to that tree over yander and grab a switch!
  10. That Talk Thread

    naughty naughty!!! can you guess why???
  11. That Talk Thread

    Rick that is WONDERFUL your wife and you are talking!!!
  12. That Talk Thread

    Roaddy is a Bamma man he lives in lower Alabama now lol he should be able to tell you about it.. All I can say about it is that I have never met some one from there I did not like.
  13. That Talk Thread

    Alex this horse is a Spoiled brat . She belongs to the owners. she has been let get away with everything from kicking out to biting and just being bratty. She does ok with some ground work but she is unpredictable and cat like. when she is nice she is great but she turns on a dime and is really mean in a flash. My goal is just to get her so the farrier can do her feet. The owners need to send her to a good trainer.
  14. That Talk Thread

    Rick I think I agree with Alex on that one. I personally think you are better off in your marriage with just your wife and kids there. Not all the extras. But only two can reside what really matters
  15. That Talk Thread

    lol I was picking on you sweetie ... i have been doing just what you said so that helps me to know I was thinking right last night I actually got her to let me use my hands to lift the backs and she didn't kick out.