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  1. Horse/rider Ratio

    Update! I did end up buying him, and I think it was really a great choice. Enjoy some of my favorites from our first ever trip in the modified juniors. Large Junior Hunters 15U here we come:) Only 2 good pictures, but I think they're pretty good.
  2. Charles Owen Helmet

    So, I have a Charles Owen AYR8 helmet. I previously had the JR8 for about 5 years, and desperately needed a new one. Anyway, my previous helmet was a 7, and slightly loose, but I figured that was normal after 5 years, so I bought a size up (7 1/8). It seemed perfect at the time, and was even a little tight with my hair up. Now, its loose without hair, and for someone who isn't showing every 5 minutes, its awfully annoying. On top of that, my head looks huge with it on, which although purely aesthetic, is getting at me too. I keep reading about how the helmets keep stretching out for a while, and I'm worried that this helmet is going to be huge on me in a few more months. I can already move it up and down on my head with a decent amount of space between my forehead and the inside of the helmet. Do any of you know what to do? Is it too late after 1 1/2 - 2 months? (I would think so...) If it is, do any of you have any ideas? Does it make a difference if I bought it form a horse show retailer who basically told me "If it's comfortable, buy it," and definitely didn't elaborate on the compression of the padding. The helmet looks brand new, has no scratches or problems, and has been ridden in probably less than 30 times. My dad paid almost $400 dollars for this helmet and I would feel terrible if I cost him any more money...
  3. Round/square Cantle?

    For beginning its fine, and can cross disciplines If you do get more serious and choose to buy a higher grade jumping saddle, you may want to go square. It is much more "in" now and tends to be the norm:)
  4. Horse/rider Ratio

    Hi everyone! If you remember me from the tall boots question, I ended up buying some Ariat challenge boots in the short height and they fit like custom ☺️ Anyway, I had a quick question thats been killing me. I am seriously looking at buying a horse for the rest of my junior career. He is 16.2, and pretty averagely built, with a small hunter-esque neck. I am 5'3"-5'4" and fit and thin but not the slender type you often see in this sport. I have been told by many people that I look perfect on him, but I also see lots of girls (who tend to be small) riding larger horses, which makes me a little nervous. I dont think I'm growing much, but its a possibility. Anyone, whats your experience with horse to rider size ratio? P.s. I previously rode a 17.3-18.0 warmblood so I am used to that 😂 If anyone asks I have lots of pictures I could upload, I just need to get toy computer! Thanks so much everyone:)
  5. Tall Boots!

    Hello everyone! I have been riding in paddock boots and half chaps for the longest time now, because it is nearly impossible to find boots in my size. Anyway, I am looking to transfer into a pair of good schooling boots, but am quickly becoming exasperated! I've seen a couple of people recommending Mountain Horse Boots, but even those don't fit my measurements. My calves are 16" tall, and 13" around. I wear a size 8-8.5, and have generally small ankles. So, I can either find boots that are my height but too wide, or my width but too tall! I ride hard about 5 times a week, and usually about 3 or 4 horses, so I would need a boot that can stand up under a little bit of work. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions for brands? Thanks so much! As for showing, I will be ordering a pair of custom La Mundial Boots, so they fit perfectly!
  6. Segunda Bit Advice

    All those seem like good options, i will have to ask my coach qhen he gets back from Bend, Oregon for the High Desert Classic. Quickly about the pelham, it has two sets pf reins if I am not mistaken, does it require any difficult handwork? I have never used one before. I definitely will, thanks so much for the advice!
  7. Segunda Bit Advice

    Glad to clear it up! I know, he has such potential and hasnt done anything! I hate it. I used a kimberwicke on my previous horse a little, and didn't like it too much. Thanks! I hadnt yet considered the copper/double twist idea.
  8. Segunda Bit Advice

    As for the knee, he ran through a few fences, it was a bit of a disaster. He is making a full recovery and so far he has been doing wonderfully and seems to be making a full recovery. Due to his size, the injury probably will not hinder his jumping (up to 3'6", which is all i need for the eq...)
  9. Segunda Bit Advice

    Hi! to answer your question, I may have mislead you. He was never a competing eq horse at 3'6". He was rather a 3'6" jumper who was schooled as and being trained for the eq ring. With me, he has gonw up into the 3' eqs, and 3'6" jumpers. i started him today, on his first day back, in the segunda. He was lovely! Absolutely calm, very soft and pliable, had good forward movement, and reaponded very well to the segunda- i didnt have to pull on him at all. Do you havw suggestions for a bit to move into? My friend fhat is rehabbing him had to use a straight bar rubber pelham because she didnt have another bit that fit him, and said he went well, but it was a little too much. I was considering a twisted (slow twist or not) snaffle... opinion? Thanks!
  10. Segunda Bit Advice

    file:///Users/cstone/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202013-07-12%20at%202.56.25%20AM.png This picture was taken with my big boy in a segunda (not minding my eq, this was about a year ago). As you can tell, he is jumping well (if a little high), and in a nice frame, obviously got a good distance, from a good step, etc. If I remember correctly, this was probably our best round of the whole season. He was soft, smooth, and all around lovely. file:///Users/cstone/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202013-07-12%20at%202.56.11%20AM.png This one was taken at a local show, where he wore a regular snaffle. (my eq here is an absolute disaster... I can't explain that, probably got messed up by his distance, in combination with an awful round, and my lack of ability to control it at this time). He was out of control this whole round, head up, pulling, taking out steps, running around the course, etc. We got into a horribly deep distance here because it was either that or a long distance, which would have been more of what he preferred, but what we try to train out. This was because I had no control over his step and pace in this bit. Obviously, there is a big difference... Just some additional information for you! Anyway, both these were taken within a a month of each other, so he obviously did not undergo a huge amount of training in between shows...
  11. Segunda Bit Advice

    Anyone ever used a twisted wire snaffle (double or single), french link snaffle, waterford, or a corkscrew snaffle? I was thinking they might be good options, but some may also be as harsh as the segunda, and some not so much? Any ideas?
  12. Segunda Bit Advice

    I was definitely a bit hesitant to keep him in the segunda all the time, seeing as its a bit harsh. Do you have any suggestions for a bit to use day-to-day? I would really love to find something to use that won't give him a harder mouth...
  13. Segunda Bit Advice

    He is still green because no one has ever put the time and energy in to train him into anything else. He is certainly not dangerous - I have been riding him for 2.5 years, and he has never once hurt me. You cannot think of him as a 14 year old, you have to think of him as a giant 6 year old with a remarkably hard mouth. He was trained before, into a pretty good 3'6" horse, but then sat for 4 or 5 years, lost all his muscle tone, forgot all his skills, and literally went back to square one. I am not attempting to fix it with a mechanical device, I am simply looking for advice as to what sort of bit other equestrians would suggest for such a horse. I went with the segunda so as to not have to pull on him to get an effect, because nothing else gets the message across except a three ring, and I am not a jumper rider. I ride two other horses consistently: one is in an eggbutt snaffle, and the other in a rubber covered d-ring snaffle. I am not the type to revert to harsh bits. Believe me, I know he needs a lot of work, and I am most certainly not that person that is going to bully their horse into behaving by using a bit. He is ridden in a martingale for safety reasons: many horses are. It is not an attempt to force his head down or anything of that sort. He does not have a gimpy knee. He was injured, and has made a full recovery. If you can name one horse that has led a full jumping career without getting lame or off at least once, please do. I bought him with the intent to train him myself, and the understanding that he would be a challenge, and need A LOT of work. I am not running into this blindly.
  14. Segunda Bit Advice

    Hi again, he is an older eq horse, he is also very green, so even his foundation is a little shaky, and he has certainly never been very strong in the area of flat work... i have videos, but they are older and he is kind of a mess, so it isnt a very good representation of him.
  15. Popping In To Say Hi!

    I have a Quarter Horse/Arab cross... He is thin, like an Arab, very delicate legs, small, elegant head, thin neck, etc. However, he is also built very QH-like: he has a pretty powerful butt, the typical somewhat triangularly shaped neck. Somehow, he also got average sized withers (small for my sport [he is a little 2'6"-2'9" hunter], and a pretty round barrel... Not sure where that came in. Often, his shape ends up looking like a miniature warmblood cross... I'm sorry if this didn't help at all, those are just some characteristics you might be able to compare. Your horse is very cute! And on the Morgan idea, I could definitely see that. She has a pretty round body, like a Morgan.