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  1. What Can I Wear For A Schooling Show?

    I do. It's usually a warm up for show season or just something to do when I'm bored. I like to go and kick ***, they're always so easy.
  2. Working Student

    B!tch. You really are, as your username suggests, sappy. Although I would go with more of the ******** ******** name. Suits you.
  3. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    ^^ this was my main concern. I haven't killed anyone yet! Not like I'm going to, either.
  4. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    Deluded self? Excuse me?
  5. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    I have someone warm up the horses after te first for me on the longe line, then I ride and hand off to a groom to cool out. I have a tutor who helps me study and keep my grades up during school because I have ADD and ADHD. But during the summer I do the same riding regime as the school year, except I warm up all the horses but have a groom cool them down and cool hose them down or give them a liniment sponge bath. My grooms aren't treated like crap, I just make them work for the good price we pay them. And they like it, are very polite and always greet me warmly at the lobby of the barn. And as for the bf, he is always complaining I don't spend enough time with him as I do with my horses.
  6. Word Association Game!!

    Rednecks! Plenty of em' here in the South ;)
  7. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    They love their grooms and they love their mom. I ride all 5, soon to be 6, 5-6 days a week, and give them love. They make me feel better about any problem I'm having and I know they love me too.
  8. Barn Dress Code

    I am an owner... Why would you say I'm not?
  9. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    I may not be the one who has to do all the dirty work, but I love them, and I'm the one who persuades Daddy to foot the bills. I love them, horses don't care who you are, just that you care about them. That's what I love about horses.
  10. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    I will, I'll be fine, if I die, not like it'll be a tragedy. Only thing I'd be worried about would be my horses getting the care they need and deserve.
  11. Working Student

    Aaahhhh I got it!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I feel kinda smart now!!!!!!!!!
  12. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    It's what my friends and I do. We drink then go I something crazy. Today we grabbed Meaghan's boat and went tubing in a bay. Longish drive but it was worth it. Flipped tubes and almost knocked Ella out! Beer isn't nonsense, it's what numbs the pain and lets the real you run wild. Everyone thinks we're at least 21, we never get caught
  13. Barn Dress Code

    Isn't that just great. Congrats to you, "real horse owner"
  14. Working Student

    Underestimate what, Nick???