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  1. whats the reason?

  2. 5 days and counting . At the end of the day you just give up.

  3. Im gonna be baked until I fall asleep. I feel I can't say much. Your playlist is on.

  4. #Mood today @MariahCarey feeling me daaahling

  5. @shanedawson The 25th? ??!!!! @shanedawson come on now, for real? Why so long?!

  6. RT @vlg_v: Buona notte amici Twitter!!

  7. RT @TheRickyDavila: Had to share again just because. ???? #PlaidShirtGuy

  8. RT @billboard: Remembering Mac Miller.

  9. @shanedawson For real now...

  10. @trishapaytas

  11. #NewProfilePic

  12. RT @CNBCJou: ???????? Argentina: Macri announcing what will be unpopular measures for the ppl but necessary for #IMF/ finance community incl taxi…

  13. #AnytimeYouNeedAFriend

  14. @JKCorden I'd be too concentrated in holding my breath and trying not to go back up and probably will be out of bre…

  15. @ThreeDailey Loving it already! Lol (that's what I do while working lol )