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  1. Bipartite Navicular

    If anyone knows anything about this please give me some info!!!! My young gelding was just diagnosed with this and his barrel racing career is done. He will hopefully(fingers crossed) be going to be a therapy horse. If he was born this way why all of a sudden is he going lame? I dont understand why this didnt show up on the vet check when I bought him either.
  2. Feeding A Horse With Ulcers

    We have a eight year old gelding that has ulcer issues. Hes on low starch triple crown for feed and he gets hay in the morning and evening and also hes outside all the time. Is there any different type of feed that I can give him? He hates eating the triple crown low starch and will go clean up the sweet feed that the others horses leave on the ground.
  3. Feeding A Horse With Ulcers

    Thank you so much!!! I know my mom was planning on buying him some alfalfa cubes but ill show her this tonight. No one is home during the day so it will be hard to implement the three meals a day though
  4. Long Toes And Lameness Issue

    I have a five year old gelding that hyperextended his leg and now has coffin joint inflammation. The farrier was leaving his toes to long and I was wondering if anyone knows if long toes could have caused this to happen. We also have a eight year old that has a sore left stifle. He had glue on shoes and the old farrier put a bigger one on his front right foot because he didnt have the size he needed.
  5. Pole Bending Bits?

    If your looking for a bit to lift shoulders then you need to look at lifter bits. I have a young firewater gelding that was dropping his shoulders at barrels and I got him that bit and did counter arcs with him and hes fine
  6. Anyone Near Hazleton Pa?

    I live in Dillsburg...have you ever tried the trails at Gettysburg battle field? They are pretty nice
  7. Rain Rot

    Theres a spray I use and I cant remember the name right now but it comes in a black and pink bottle and it works amazing!
  8. Favorite Breed Of Horse?

    Quarter horse all the way!!
  9. Long Toes And Lameness Issue

    Thank you everyone for the help. After just a week the bump on top of my young firewater geldings foot has gone down and the horses actually arent tripping anymore!!!! This has been going on for a very very long time and I wish I would have switched farriers sooner but I didnt want to burn any bridges or piss anyone off plus I was worried about finding another farrier that was dependable. Im very happy with the new shoer and Im very confident that he will have their feet looking the way they should after the next couple trimmings.
  10. Long Toes And Lameness Issue

    Heres a before pic of the horse with the pictures on the left. His were the worst.
  11. Long Toes And Lameness Issue

    He said they aren't going to be the way they should be right away because their feet were pretty messed up. A few more times and their feet should be about where he wants them.
  12. Long Toes And Lameness Issue

    The first set of pics were from the old farrier. Here are new ones that I took tonight. The new farrier said its going to take 2-3 times before he gets their feet to about where he wants them. The horse with the shoes in this pic were the worst...I didn't put pics up of him before.
  13. Long Toes And Lameness Issue

    We did get a new farrier and they had their feet done last week thank god. I would love to give the old farrier all my vet bills it just makes me so mad. No wonder they need adjusted all the time by the chiropractor and were always sore!
  14. Long Toes And Lameness Issue

    Thank you so much for explaining it!!! Heres a picture...I hope I did it right.
  15. Long Toes And Lameness Issue

    So when you say navicular syndrome...are you saying that my horse may have that now?