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  1. Super Snow Day

    It looks like we are in for a white Christmas and Super does not seem to mind a bit of snow.
  2. Mules? Tell Me Everything.

    I knew all my Super posts would come in handy some day Just keep in mind Super is a young John mule and full of character. Not every mule is a Super, I would really suggest you find the nearest mule show and attend it. Ask questions have them tell you tales about their mules. Mules are much more reactive then horses until they learn they have no reason to be. Mules just have a stronger sense of self preservation. A nice old mule could be right up your alley if they take a liking to you. Regardless if you just want to ride around your only personal pasture a few days a week, take riding lessons ..if even just a few. Check out for more information.
  3. Big Day For Super

    Super is home and very happy ..I love the smile in his eyes in this photo. I have been back to my usual ground work with him and he is doing well. The weather has gotten' cold and yucky already but I will keep working with him however I can and hauling him to the equestrian center down the road when I get the time. The more experiences he gets the better he will be.
  4. Big Day For Super

    We keep plugging along, I have paid ahead for a certain amount of training and Super is getting trained despite himself, he is learning things. Like how to stand tied for hours, he learned to except hobbles and is getting pretty good at trailering with the back and forth trips. You can saddle and bridle him easily and most rides are pretty uneventful. Super's bad reactions are fear based. He still needs work on his confidence when under saddle. I look forward to him having the winter off to absorb everything grow up in his head and see how he does next year.I do want get him packing and learning to pony better, so I can get him out on the trail.
  5. Big Day For Super

    yes, I am about to bring him home put him in a pack saddle haul him out on some trails and forget about riding for awhile.Then try riding again next Spring. I will continue the fun ground work and liberty training, he really seems to have fun with that, going over obstacles and such. Because you are right when he is good he is really good.
  6. Big Day For Super

    Thanks he is handsome, Super has been back to the trainer and comes home to stay with me when they head off to shows. he has shown some improvement but it is very little and he is still very much reluctant to be ridden though he seems to tolerate it most of the time. there is less bucking under saddle but you can feel the hump in his back they say and he has tried other tactics to avoid being ridden or to at least make it unpleasant. Such as no longer being light in the bridle or bucking before they mount. Generally acting spooky at things that really should not bother him. They have gone back to just working him slowly and in the round pen. While he is home with me I work on his ground work and his respect of me, he seems to loose a bit of it every time he leaves home and has to be reminded when he returns of what I expect of him. I do hope this is just a difficult learning and growing stage he is going thru' because he is really being very difficult for all persons involved.
  7. Big Day For Super

    a couple more pics while at the trainers
  8. Big Day For Super

    Everyday there is improvement the first day he bucked the rider off 3 times but he rode him for 2hrs and pushed him to see what his triggers were. When he is not misbehaving he is really nice to ride the trainer says and one of his favorites to ride. Super is going thru' his bag of tricks to get out of work, he is bucking less with every ride and that is good news. I am still very hopeful.
  9. Big Day For Super

    back under saddle and back to work Super also met his daddy Boomer for the first time while at the trainers
  10. Big Day For Super

    The trainers help has arrived and Super is on his way back to the trainer today..I am nervous, it is still hard for me to let go of my little baby boy mule. The trade off of a nice grown up riding mule is going to be well worth it.
  11. Big Day For Super

    He has always had a rope halter and they do not work when he decides to bolt from me, the chain barely works with my strength, always works with the trainer, he is a big strong guy. I on the other hand am not My feeling is I hate to go to the chain, what really needs to happen is he needs to be trained to stop and honestly I had considered an electric collar (some days he made me that angry). Then again I have used it to train my dog. Honestly he just needs the time it takes. I learned from working with his mom that could be a considerable amount, but the rewards are many. Thank you I think he is handsome too and I wish he would stop growing up and fill out some.
  12. Big Day For Super

    Yep Super is back home and training with him is a great joy for me. My friends are both sad and worried about Super and his bucking. I assure them that I won't be riding him if he is not safe to ride and I can be patient, these mule boys just take time and patience to figure them out. I have him in the surcingle now and getting him used to side reins, to work on strengthening that top line. He is doing wonderful. A chain under his chin on a web halter has stopped him from bolting, Now we have a new problem he knows the chain is on the halter and he does not want me to put it on and he pretends to be a giraffe or worse is running off to not be caught. I shall have to bring out the good treats to over power his unwillingness to put on that corrective halter. they are just so darn smart
  13. Big Day For Super

    Super is home now, he has bucked every ride with the trainer and he thinks it is a saddle fit issue and the fact that Super is just to thin on the top line. So I brought him home to put on more weight and work with him on some ground driving and stopping his bolting behavior. I will do some work on desensitizing and playing in my obstacle course I am building, Super loves that. Super will go back in the Fall to continue his under saddle training. Meanwhile I am very happy to have him home and so is his mom Fantasy she was very excited to see her son come back.
  14. Big Day For Super

    thanks everyone we really appreciate your support I went to visit Super again and this time I worked with him on ground work skills he knows and just loved and hugged on him, to let him know I did not abandon him, It was a great visit and his old confident personality shined thru.
  15. Big Day For Super

    I know it is REALLY hard for me I still see him as my baby boy and he is so sad away from home. Being put to work and watching him buck under saddle shows me that I made the right choice sending him to someone experienced in mule training. I still get to go see him weekly and watch him ridden and once he settles down he does real well and looks good. here is a link to his first ride minus the rodeo at the start after he settled down.