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  1. Sore Stifle?

    I have a 2 year old gelding I just picked up 7/28. He will let me pick up all of his hooves, except his right hind leg. When I try, he shift all of his weight onto that hoof, to the point he side steps towards me so I can't get to that hoof. When trotting, that right rear leg doesn't extend as far as the left. I tried pressing all over his hip area to see where he is sore, and it seems to be his patella/stifle region. However, if that was what's hurting him, why would he WANT to put his weight on that side? Just a little confused and seeing if anyone has any ideas! He was in a pasture with a mean old mare, so he may have been kicked. I really have no idea. He doesn't limp or show any signs of lameness, just doesn't want me to pick up that leg. The other side stretches and moves just fine.
  2. This is Wyatt, my new project barrel horse. He is just over 2 years old, 13.2 hh Quarter horse (not registered). Picked him up 7/28 from a muddy lot, where he had been picked on by an older mare. Was terrified, wouldn't let us touch him, ran in the opposite direction. It is now day 5 of having him home, and he is the sweetest gelding. Even let me put a blanket on with a "girth". Just want some conformation critique. The only issue I have with him is that he refuses to let me pick up his right hind foot. He is fine with the other three, and I'm guessing he is either sore in that hip area, or it's his hoof (which is missing a good chuck out of it). I will be adding photos to this album as the days come. I appreciate any and all comments! *I will try to get him set up right when I go see him today*