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  1. When A Horse Spooks...

    I've been clocked in the gut when he spooked a couple times right when I got him ( had a lower back injury so I rode very loose- ie: moved way too much). I was talking to a trainer and I think it's just taking him on more trails. Get him used of bush-wacking and he'll calm down after the 35'th deer as KatyB said. He's a good soul, just a little goofy and was a spoiled kids horse when I got him. Maybe I'll wear a brain-bucket until we start syncing up and trusting each other more. Thanks for all the advice!
  2. When A Horse Spooks...

    I think the only reason why he bolted was because the other horses and riders has bolted first...herd mentality? He hadn't bolted with me before. But that's no excuse, bolting is not a good thing. He hasn't since then since I got after him pretty well. And like as said before, he kind of just "jumps in place". Nothing I can't handle but definitely annoying when the horn gets you in the gut. I talked to a trainer about it and because of my lack of accommodations to work properly on de-sensitizing ( round pen work ) she said she would put some hours on him if I helped at the barn so I might go and do that.
  3. When A Horse Spooks...

    So my paint and I have bonded pretty well. He trusts me on the ground, respectable of my space, minds his manners, etc. He's great to take out alone, very inquisitive, can be a bit 'jumpy' but it's nothing I can't handle. But he does 'spook'. Like the sudden lurch, or sometimes the sideways jump. He has bolted once in a group ride but all the horses did as well ( Deer jumped out from behind a tree) so my question is: When my horse spooks, what sort of discipline should I do to make him know that's not an okay thing to do? He's the first horse I've owned that spooks. And sometimes it's over silly things, like a boulder on the side of the road. He stopped, looked at it, I let him survey it then urged him forward and once he stopped giving it the googly eyes, we paused right over it and he relaxed after sniffing it. Was that the right thing to do? On the same ride a bird flew into the air and he jumped sideways but calmed down immediately after. I didn't pet him, or smack him or anything, I just carried on with our ride. I don't want to pet him as that lets him know that it's 'good' to spook, and I don't know if I should nudge him forward or smack his bum with a rein or what? He's pretty sensitive and dramatic. Should I make him move his hindquarters to get his mind onto me, or do circles or just ignore the spook? I work with him a lot with tarps, flags, sticks, animals, etc and he's coming along spiffy. More groundwork? I don't have a round-pen but I might have access to one soon when the snow melts more, so maybe do some joining up so he trusts me more? I know that spooking can mostly be fixed with more trust but somethings we just can't control ( birds flying at faces *snort* ) Sorry for all the questions, just would like some advice. Added a pic of the spooky pony in question :) Thank you!
  4. 11 Yr Old Paint Gelding

    He has a huge lazy stride, eats up ground...he's way too easy of a keeper so he's fed accordingly! He's 15.3
  5. Cleaning Sheath In Cold Weather?!

    Oh wow, great idea! I'll do that thank you :)
  6. 11 Yr Old Paint Gelding

    Sorry for the wait. Hopefully these work better. Bonus of us in the water too! He loves to swim and splash around Goof!
  7. Cleaning Sheath In Cold Weather?!

    So my gelding's sheath stinks! I looked down and felt his sheath, and his willy is crusty, dark and smelly. I do not know if he has had his sheath cleaned before, and I don't know how he'll react. I can touch his sheath fine, but I'm worried that because it's getting so cold out that the water on his willy will make him against having his sheath handled. As would the soap, etc. I have cleaned sheaths before! I'm going back out tomorrow and I don't have any sheath soap but I have some soft, mild soap. Any tips to make this a less than unpleasant experience?
  8. New Horse Bucks When Doesn't Get His Own Way?advice?

    We went for another longer trail ride today and he was great, spooky in the wind (one bolt, one spook) but no damage ( deer like to make a lot of noise and tarps are awful in the wind). I should just tie him up there one day and let him learn that I'm spookier than a tarp >:) Yeah, it was a once-in-a-lifetime buck, so I'll let him off with some lunging and no nonsense.
  9. I recently bought this wonderful eleven year old Paint gelding from a horse trainer. He was used as the 'go-to' horse, friends, kids, people coming to visit would ride this horse. He is a gentleman on the ground, respectful, backs up, turns on his hindquarters, doesn't walk over you, yields to pressure blah blah. He was an absolute saint while riding ( a little hard mouthed but nothing big) no spook, no bolt, etc. I've been out to see him every day for the last week, but haven't rode him in about three days. We visit, I tie him up, brush him, spray him and paint his hooves. Then I leave. So today, Today was windy. That being said, it was windy for the last couple days. Today, me, my friend, her horse, and my horse ( who are the only horses on the property) were working on groundwork. Paint was perfect, doing everything I wanted to. Her horse acted up a bit, got under control everything was fine. So after some yielding exercises, I mounted my horse who stood nicely. I asked him forward, which he did and he turned towards his buddy which I corrected by turning him away and he promptly sped up. I asked him to slow down and he got humpy so I started to spin him the other way and he bucked. Now this horse hasn't bucked ( said the trainer) since the day he was born. I don't know if the wind was the catalyst, maybe his buddy,maybe a cow mooed. Or maybe he was just being a little PITA and thought it was his right. I don't know. I landed on my feet, watched him crow-hop across the field and I went and caught him again. Then I lunged him for a a bit, got on him and we went for a trail ride. We ended on a good note, that's for sure. He was being so good. Now, I don't know what to do. It's not like he doesn't have respect, he does everything i ask him too. He's never offered a buck since I got him besides today? There should be no reason for him to act like that, he knows better. He's been looked over by a vet, so I can rule out pain or problems in his back or legs, etc. I contacted his old owner and she said it's very unlike him and I should probably just lunge him before every ride for a couple days until its back to normal. If it doesn't storm, I'm going riding again today in a group with some people I haven't rode with in quite some time so I'm planning to have him on his best behaviour. I will lunge him before mounting him again, just for my own sanity. What should I do?
  10. 11 Yr Old Paint Gelding

    trail riding and just fartin' around :) he's got his forever home now :)
  11. 11 Yr Old Paint Gelding

    I know he's overweight, he's being exercised everyday(now) as well as rationed feed. Anyhoo, he kept shuffling and wouldn't stand square so these were the best ones I got out of the day He';s such a goof
  12. New! And Just Purchased A Horse!

    Thank you, I will! He's on no grain or supplements, just grass. He also hasn't been ridden at all this year and needs a job so I will ask my boarders to put him onto less grass and I ride everyday. Thank you!
  13. Benefits Of Hackamore Vs Snaffle?

    I was just asking 'cause his previous owner rode him in thin o-ring snaffles and a tom-thumb bit. I ride in thicker D-ring's and a dog bone. Just wondering what was better. :)
  14. New! And Just Purchased A Horse!

    Thank you! He's gorgeous :)
  15. Benefits Of Hackamore Vs Snaffle?

    Thanks for all the advice, I was just wondering whether I should put him in a bosal ( not mechanical, Smilie) to see if it would be a better switch . I don't have a tom-thumb bit anyways, only D-ring snaffles :) Thank you everyone.