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  1. Double Major In College

    Thank you so much for all that information it was just what I was looking for! I appreciate you taking the time to write it out and will defiantly have Lake Erie on my list and will check out Cazenovia.
  2. Double Major In College

    Thank you for your help and I know that any kind of training is not for beginners. I'm talking about that as way in the future when I have more experience. I do consider myself as a beginner and I have a lot to learn. Thanks for the idea of combining the two. I never even thought of that lol
  3. Double Major In College

    I am now a Junior in high school and have started looking at colleges. After a lot of researching I have narrowed my search to three- University of Findlay, Lake Erie College, and Centenary College. I want to double major in accounting and equine science. I know that equine degrees aren't worth much but I want to at least try to make it in the industry that I love so much. And if that fails then there's always accounting to back me up. I have been doing lessons off and on my whole life do to money issues. I would love to have the opportunity to learn so much more than I do now. I want to do training and maybe even colt starting- but have absolutely no experience in it. A lot of working student positions want you to already have experience with green horses, colts, training, etc. The only thing I've learned at my lessons is how to groom, tack, and ride and I have been to tons of different barns. If any of you have attended any of these colleges I would appreciate it if you could give me some insight as to what their equine programs are like. Would they even teach me how to train? I know Findlay gives you a colt to start and break. I would love to have an experience like that. Do any of the other schools do that? How much riding time do you get a week? How much can you improve in your own riding? Can you ride extra like on weekends if you want to practice? If you know anything about their accounting programs that would also be helpful. Or how hard it would be to double major in these two subjects. Thank you for reading my essay lol any other info you have would be helpful too