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  1. Hoping some of you are still around. It came up on my FB memories that I was banned from HF 2 years ago, and in reading that convo I remembered some of the people who were important to me back then. So wanted to say hi - if you are still here. A lot has changed for me lately, I am no longer a foster parent and adopted Brandon at 17 yrs old, our long term foster kid. He's awesome, is still awesome, and still doing everything right. Hoping you all are well. Alex
  2. That Talk Thread

    Glad the fire was contained 440, and yikes what a scary storm you had. I've been riding a lot with my new friends, and they have opened up a spot for me at their barn. I am moving Lucas there at the end of the month. My current barn owner has done nothing wrong at all, but the new barn means a lot more saddle time, and a lot more fun for us. Also at the current barn, Lucas is getting senior feed, as he is the only younger horse there, and he's wound a bit too tight at the moment. Prancing constantly under saddle, which is not a terribly fun ride. The new barn is full of fun personalities, and the kids love it there, as they are free to pet the horses and be themselves. Lots of changes here with the kids. B was supposed to go home, but step dad didn't do what he should have, so he's staying. My kid that graduated went home. And I have 2 new ones. So I have a full house, with 5 at the moment.
  3. Fighting Neighbors. What To Do?

    We just stayed in a Motel 6 for one night. It sounded like the man in the room next door was in our room - he was clearly a smoker, with a coughing/lung issue. Then my husband snores his head off, so coughing neighbor coughed all night as was kept awake. I got no sleep. I've lived in enough apartments, that I believe you get what you pay for. Super cheap, and yes you hear them fart.
  4. Fighting Neighbors. What To Do?

    I can see it both ways, and I think there's times when we have all had screaming arguments with our spouses. Now this is different as it's all the time, but I think that's a class issue. If the OP can hear them talking, then there's not much removing of noise from that level - she lives in a crappy built place. They are going to run a vac, put on the TV, argue, all of which are reasonable to me in every day life - but too much if you can hear their entire convo. They'd likely hear my hubby fart and snore - I think those are fairly normal things that would likely keep her awake too. She lives in a crappy place, if you can hear things on that level.
  5. Fighting Neighbors. What To Do?

    It sounds like you are living in a nightmare with the kids and dogs. But I don't know, I reserve the right to argue with my husband whenever we feel the need. I think that most people do that, and if you don't like it - then you get your own place. If the police came to my house for an argument that I was having with my hubby when it was just raised voices (obviously child abuse, or spousal abuse is different), I'd have a fit. My husband and I have a great relationship, we average about once a year. But some people don't, and they argue more often. To think that CYS would care about this, is amusing. You know how many seriously abused kids that live in shelters because they are not enough foster homes for them? I do, I am a foster parent, and have many kids come to me from shelters. Music etc, is to be expected, heck you are saying that you can hear them when they are just talking. So of course you will hear that. Was the weed ever founded by police? You need to go through your landlord. He looses you, a good paying tenant or he looses them - he would choose them.
  6. That Talk Thread

    Hi all, checking back in again. Hoping that you are all well and happy. About 6 months ago, I made a new friend, and since then we have become really close - she's a wild child, larger than life person and just a riot to be around. She's started introducing me to her friends. So last week, as I am skinny, I rode her new pony for her. Everyone else is too heavy, or not confident enough, pony is a saint, but only 12+ hands. I average about 110lbs, so can ride a pony. Anyway, they brought their trailer to me on Sat, and picked up Lucas to take him out on the trails with them. It's about a 3 hour ride, on horse designated trails. Lucas has never done trails before, new environment, with new horses - but he handled everything like a newish pro. He needed some pushing, but then did it. The biggest deal was a 3' high downed tree, that they all step over, that he wanted to jump. It would be fine to jump it, but it's super rocky, and I didn't want him landed on that. So we backed up the horse so he had no room, and after a minute or two he stepped over it. He was so excited that he was exhausted when he got back, as we jigged almost the ride ride at a walk pace in a trot gait. When they trotted up a hill, we cantered it at a walk pace. For the first time out with new horses, he was a hero!
  7. Hoping all went well, I am seeing this after your surgery, so praying and sending well wishes for your recovery.
  8. That Talk Thread

    I just read that thread, thanks Rick. I am glad the chick was banned, she was awful. She's the one who was telling someone with a disabled child that they'd be better off dead. Blegh!
  9. I Have A Confession

    Have you tried antlers as dog chews? My dog chews through everything in no time at all. I cringed buying one, as they are pricy, but it's ended up being cheap as it's lasted 6 months.
  10. That Talk Thread

    Thanks Mz Rat. In their words I am 'too much on their case about the school crap" LOL. Congrats on your youngest graduating! How you feeling about being an empty nester?
  11. That Talk Thread

    Aww love those photos of her. So cute! Is there a link to the drama I missed? G graduated tonight. I read a Harvard study from 2010 that only 50% of foster kids graduate. I am so happy he is in the right 50%.
  12. That Talk Thread

    Looks really nice Roadyy. Am checking back in again, I know it's been ages, and I wasn't here much before - so you are probably wondering who I am. LOL. I moved barns last month, as my former BO seemed to lose it. He was refusing to give meds, and then when he got annoyed at boarders saying something, apparently he just fed them with horses going back and forth between feeds. My horse had a 5 day nose bleed, we don't know for sure but it might have been related to him getting his pasture mates isoxsuprine for navicular. $1000 vet bill for scopes and xrays repeatedly. Then after that he flat out refused to give meds, so I moved barns. It's so much calmer at my new place. The BO is one of those people who talks in such a quiet tone, that you lower your own voice that wasn't even loud when talking to her. It just has a different feel there, it's so relaxed. Lucas was put out in an adjacent field to his pasture mates, and he was so chill about it, she didn't leave him out there all day, and put him in the field after 3 hours. They all get along just fine. It feels like a different experience going to the barn now, I am just there to enjoy time with my horse, without any drama. And that's so very welcome. Hope you are all doing well.
  13. That Talk Thread

    Gawd, that was bleak! In other news the kids had a great Christmas, and were just a joy that day, they loved everything, and the things they didn't love, they have since traded out with each other - but pretended to love them while opening them. LOL. Brad and I had our night alone last night, it was great. Dinner was more expensive than it should have been, but it was also better food than I have eaten in years. It was a super fancy place, and I had wild boar. We then went onto a bar, and Brad and I went 1-1 at pool, and then the same at darts. We then lost a game with another couple for the pool table, with his shot - so I take that as I win overall. Yesterday we mainly spent the day walking around in our underwear, because it's the little things like that which make us feel normal again. :) We had tonnes of fun.
  14. That Talk Thread

    Mz Rat, they are saying $2500 for a rebuild of my tranny, and that's cheaper than getting one that's already been rebuilt, here at least. I should get the official word today, so I will know more then. I must have been Hitler in a former life that karma would get me with a transmission on Christmas day. C, formerly kid 5 went home to upstate NY for Thanksgiving. When he came back, he said he only returned as he knew he was going home again for Christmas. He went back there on the 20th, and he sent me a few photos and texts - but today I have been texting about his return bus and got no response. He came to me as a runaway trying to get back to upstate NY, and I predict that he won't be on that bus tomorrow. His stupid judge thought he ran away because he wanted to be with his family - well yes, of course. I am betting my day will be spent with the police as he hasn't come home. It would be nice to be wrong, but we will see.
  15. That Talk Thread

    Thank you Jonathan. Best wishes with finishing your degree, while working, I know that has to be hard. Hang in there. I had a fit tonight, I was having an argument with kid 1, B, and I threw the xbox out of the front door. It promptly smashed into pieces, that I just spent 30 mins cleaning up so the dogs wouldn't step on shards. He's done with basketball, and a new xbox is in my future. On Christmas Day, my car skipped a gear twice, then when Brad went home to let the dogs out, he had to coast it into a parking spot and FIL came to the rescue. They are calling for $2500 to rebuild the tranny. Great news, we are kid free for 24 hours tomorrow. We don't have the money for it, but I made a reservation at a fancy restaurant. Heck we are worth it.