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  1. That Talk Thread

    We've done a few big parties here 100 plus people and everything always falls into place at the last minute. I do have one word for you "delegate" I know you probably don't like to ask for help but people will offer, they are sincere, let them help you. Have a great day!
  2. That Talk Thread

    Hey all! Sorry to hear about the thumb Alex- how long will it take to heal? I'm still peeking in once in awhile I've just been super busy with the new horses and school and trying to get myself adjusted to the new schedule. The trainer working here is nicer than I ever would have thought. It's working out really good for all. The horses are much bigger than mine but for the most part have good manners and are easy to handle. All the owners seem to be thankful that their horses are getting good care and that their trainer is happy. Not sure what was going on where they came from but apparently it was not a good situation. The one boarder brought us cookies and two packs of coffee keuring cups for the tack room Ha! How sweet is that?? They have also brought a pack of bottled water for the tack room fridge. Such kind folks who don't want to seem like they are taking advantage of me because they drink the water or coffee I bought for them to enjoy. They make it hard to do anything nice for them.
  3. That Talk Thread

    Thank you! This boarding thing is kind of new for me. I've boarded a few horses before but this time around it's a more formal arrangement. I just don't want his clients to feel like I'm trying to charge for every little thing. It's important to me to not come across that way. He did make a good point though, he said to at least charge something and give it to my 13 year old son who drags the arena for me Plus it could go toward the liability insurance I have to purchase to cover the new barn activity. There are just so many things to think about.
  4. That Talk Thread

    Hello! Nothing much new my way, just taking care of kids and horses : ) we've had a few warmer days around 80 but that's about to change and I'm ready for it. I planted some mums and pansys and hope to do a little more yard work before it gets much cooler. The new trainer has brought in a total of 5 horses now and I think he has one more coming next week. This "new" job is keeping me very busy!! How I'll ever find time for housework now is beyond me. I do have a question for you all, how much should I charge someone who will be trailering in for lessons for the use of the arena? This charge would be above the trainers charge for the actual lesson. And, is this even normal? He was asking me about it and I didn't want to charge them at all but he said they are use to paying and that I should charge something. Your thoughts? As far as musicals, I've seen lion king and Beauty and the Beast. I love them and wish I would make myself take the time and go more often. Have a good weekend!
  5. That Talk Thread

    Two more horses coming this week. It all seems to be working out well, the trainer and his clients are very kind and easy to get along with. Alex- My kids aren't really into video games so giving more time wouldn't mean much to them. Congrats on the break through with kid 3, seems like a small thing but I know in reality it was a huge step. He's learning self control and you can't make much improvement in life until you master that one Have the plumber coming to fix two broken waterers, then I hope to plant some mums and do some fall decorating after barn chores and groceries. Have a good day all.
  6. That Talk Thread

    Alex- I wish I could offer some great advice but it sounds like you have it under control. Maybe Brad was just crabby that night. You guys have an extremely tough job I would imagine you have to be pretty stern with some of the boys. Roady- Sorry about the toe. Tell the guys at work to go easy on you. I bet they will be giving you a hard time for hobbling around like an old man. Thank you all for the feedback on the chore chart, let me give you a little more info that I left out so you understand our situation better and then tell me if you still feel the same ok? I 100% agree with kids doing chores and helping out around the house with out being paid to do so and that's pretty much how it has always been here but occasionally there are jobs that need done that I am willing to pay to get done either because I am behind or because It's that big of a job and I need help. My kids have a long long list of chores and housework (and caring for their own pets) that needs to be done and they are expected to do it and not get paid. The jobs on the chore chart are really my jobs but I'd be willing to pay a few bucks to get help with them, things like dusting the stall fronts, picking out stalls, sweeping the aisle, or cleaning the windows. My thought was if they wanted to earn a few bucks they could pick a chore and have the cash. I had given some thought to hiring some help for the barn work but I'm not really making enough to do that and there's not really that much to do to make it worth going that route. My other thought was to pay the kids a weekly amount for chores but then thought letting them pick which chores might be better because If it is a harder job I could pay more, easier job gets paid less. I guess it's not so much I'm paying them to do their own chores as it is I'm paying them to do mine And my kids are 13 and 16, that info might help. We finally got a little rain this week but need much more. Have a good day all.
  7. That Talk Thread

    Hey!! Well, the new trainer was here a week and the gone a week for a show. He seems like a really nice guy and easy to get along with. I've been peeking in and enjoying all the posts and especially the pictures. I'm not quite comfortable here yet and the other place well ughh..... not going to complain but boy could I. I've not been up to anything new really, I did get some bar stools for the viewing area and tried to spruce it up a little with some odds and ends I had and a few from a resale shop, hoping to make it look inviting for the family waiting for those taking lessons. We hardly used it, it was more of just a pathway to get from the house to the barn. It's a small area but large enough for 4 barstools and maybe even a accent table along the back wall. So Lori, how long is Bre grounded? Your going to miss her help and her company! I've found an idea on pintrest I'm going to try with my kids for the barn chores. The idea on pintrest was for household chores but I think it will work rather well for the barn too. You make a bulletin board titled "Work for Hire" and then you clothespin a card with the chore and the money you are willing to pay for that chore to be completed. That way the money is already set aside and the kids see it which is motivating! And I get help with the barn work LOL. My kids are really good about doing whatever I ask them to but with the extra horses I thought we'd try something new. What do you all think?? I figured it was worth a try. Maybe I'll more than just my kids helping out Well, that's all for now. Have a good evening everyone.
  8. Any Furniture Painters Out There?

    I am addicted to painting Ha! Ha! I love the product "cover stain" so much better than sanding or stripping stained furniture. Have fun!
  9. That Talk Thread

    Hey there, I promise I will properly introduce myself when things slow down around here. For the old gang, this new job( the 4 new horses) is harder on me than I thought plus the heat and added stress is just wearing me out. I didn't really think about the adjustment period for my body to get used to these early mornings and extra work load. Will be back later, time to feed
  10. Barn Dress Code

    I'll just ad that any barn owner who requires a dress code is obviously NOT the one actually doing any work around the barn. When it's hot and humid here I'm in the coolest thing I can find. It is interesting to hear how different barn operate, I'm just in another world.
  11. That Talk Thread

    Hello all! I'm here. Much to tired to post much right now. I'll join in tomorrow. It's been a long hot day. So happy we've found a new hangout with new friends : ) I've got a herd ok about 12 Paso Finos. I'll try to post some pictures later. All your horses are just beautiful! show me more!!
  12. Hey Everyone

  13. Hey Sereno and Alex! How are those Paso's gaiting Sereno : ) Ours are all fine here just hoping for some cooler weather. I'm so sick of sweat!
  14. Hi There, Another Newb To The Forum.

    Hey guys!!! You can run but you can't hide! Good morning! I got a little warning of sorts to for mentioning Alex, good grief! So did Cacowgirl, and the post were very innocent. Well anyway here we are : ) How is everyone?