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  1. Identify This Saddle

    Thanks Nick for the reply. This isn't really a good kid's saddle. It is heavy, and large. In fact when I had my father ship me the saddle, I intended to use it. My horse was 16 hands tall, and I could barely lift the saddle over his back. So basically it was not used that much over the 40 years. I kept it clean, oiled and polished...but otherwise it has been just sitting. It is a very solid saddle.
  2. Identify This Saddle

    I have been trying to figure out who made the saddle that has been in my family for about 40 years. It is in pretty good condition, besides a bit of the fleece, that was chewed by mice in the shed a couple years ago. It is complete and usable. I think it was a JC Higgins, but there are no marks. It is a solidly made saddle and the tooling is beautiful. Unfortunately I have to sell it, and don't know what it's worth. The numbers on it are 7 then 3996. The only saddles I have found where there is leather instead of rivets, is JC HIggins. Can anyone tell me the age, and what I should ask for it? Trying again to add a picture, I guess my pictures were too big. I should add it has a 15" seat, and is actually darker then it appears in the picture, as the flash brightened it up.