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  1. Annual Black Friday Thread

    Too funny! I work retail too. Management no less. Always a fun day.
  2. Question For Ntw Experts

    I've done quite a lot of reading on this subject, including yours. Was just hoping someone could address the issue of whether or not I need to disco the hydroxyzine. It makes sense to me that I would need to do that but if the de wormer doesn't work I will be left with a bald horse. Again.
  3. Question For Ntw Experts

    I've struggled with the itchies with my young mare pretty much since she was born. This year I have been able to keep it under control with hydroxyzine but she is still rubbing her mane and tail along with all the other normal itchy spots. Just not as bad as in years past. I just decided to try the NTW treatment I read so much about and did the dd Equimax this morning. Should I stop the hydroxyzine? How will I know that this protocol is effective for her? And how long should it take to see the results?
  4. Do You Ever Want To........

    I think "the grass is always greener" might apply here. I work as a store manager for a major retail chain. 20 years ago I quit for what I thought would be my dream job. Didn't like it at all! So went back to the retailer and now have 24 years with them including the time before I left. Retail is extremely hard work. But office work just didn't satisfy me at all. I still sometimes think about a change but I'm too vested now to change. Good luck to you in your search for the job that will be just right for you! I hope you find it!
  5. I Get A Kick Out Of Reading Ads For Horses....

    Was probably a philly colt
  6. Feed Suggestions

    I don't want to hijack this thread but have a related question. I just switched my mares from a sweet pellet to TC Senior. One of the mares is young and I wanted her on a better quality feed. We live in Florida so the pasture just isn't good enough to sustain, even with the good hay we get. BUT, she is a picky eater and is leaving quite a bit. Any suggestions? Or should I just be patient and let her get used to it? Hate to waste that expensive stuff!
  7. Am I Doing The Right Thing?

    I'm with DawnC on this all the way. Sell everything non-essential and pay your debt. You might benefit from reading Dave Ramsey's book. Or google him. His method is hard to follow but it WILL get you debt free. I am not a fan of bankruptcy being used so freely these days. Personal responsibility is essential to a strong economy and to your feeling of self-worth. I have debt also that I am struggling to pay off. We have considered selling off some stuff but we are making headway as we are at the moment. Having said that we are fully prepared to sell the LQ trailer first if it came down to it. Good luck to you! Tough spot to be in but you CAN climb out of the hole with some good determination and self-sacrifice.
  8. Sock Eating Monster... Now I Have To Worry

    My ShihTzu ate a scrunchy once. We didn't see it happen but we thought it did. Watched her carefully. She ate, drank, eliminated as normal so we thought it must not have happened after all. 2 weeks later she puked it up. Poor girl! She's a tiny thing to have carried that around in her tummy so long. So glad it came out! It could have caused impaction if it had moved thru. Hoping yours has an easy passing!
  9. Circle E Guest Ranch, Tn

    Thanks for that info CathyJ. We ended up booking with Brushy Creek Guest Ranch in Miss. We've never been there but we look forward to heading that way on Sunday!
  10. Frustrated

    Thanks so much for those kind words. I'm proud of me too. I'm an ok rider but sometimes I go thru periods of low confidence and I recognize that I don't really WORK my horses. So I must get stronger at that. Not only will that help the horses but it will boost my confidence too. I can use that with my 3yo too.
  11. Let's See Those 2 And 3 Yr Olds

    Well Merens. I owe you an apology. I have known for years I am a thread killer. I'm sorry I killed yours. I really thought you'd get good action on it so I forgot my place and came out of the closet. My humble apologies to you.
  12. Let's See Those 2 And 3 Yr Olds

    Yes. She has that down pretty well. I have taken her on weekend camp trips twice now and she did great. Now she just needs time and refinement on her gaits. I'm very pleased with her.
  13. Let's See Those 2 And 3 Yr Olds

    Hmm. Maybe this will work. Doing some puddle training.
  14. Let's See Those 2 And 3 Yr Olds

    Shoot. How do you insert a picture from the gallery?
  15. Let's See Those 2 And 3 Yr Olds

    Let's see if I can do this. Image Link This is my coming 3yo RMH filly. She's doing well under saddle but we have a ways to go.