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    Barrel Racing! :) Hunter Jumping, riding bareback , practicing my horsemanship , and doing anything crazy on a horse :)
  1. 11 Year Old Ottb Mare

    I know , I have shoes on her front feet and none on the back . I ride her on asphalt to much .... so when the picture was taken her back feet were terribly short , which is partly my fault for being so ignorant and I honestly hate that farrier , I had my ex trainer tell me that he pulled her toes way to far out , I would love to get a new farrier but my father listens to this other trainer lady and refuses to listen to me.. so I cant do anything really ...
  2. Ride To Gymkhana

    So I don't really know if this question belongs here but there is a gymkhana coming up this week and im thinking of going to it , but I don't have a trailer , so i'd have to ride there, I ride there all the time though , it's about a 30-45 minute trail ride. It's partly in the desert and partly on a road, the time that im going to ride to the gymkhana will be about 8 AM so it'll be in the 70's , for living in Arizona that's pretty cool , so I don't think it would be to hard on my horse. My question is , would it be to much work on my mare you think if I ride her there , compete in the gymkhana, and ride her back? I have a 11 year old OTTB mare, she's always full of energy and I will give her plenty of rest/hay/water before I go there and when I leave.
  3. 11 Year Old Ottb Mare

    Sorry for the terrible pics, this is my 16HH , maybe 16.3 HH thoroughbred mare , she raced many years back and actually won a few , I use her now for gymkhana's , barrel races, hunter jumping , and im trying the Clinton Anderson method on her. I know she has high withers and is slightly underweight, she is an extremely hard keeper, I have her on a fancy diet now :)
  4. What Colors Or Special Tack To You Use ?

    I have an old beaten up brown circle Y saddle, with a tan leather pink zebra breastcollar , with a pink zebra bridle , with pink zebra bell boots and white/black SMB boots. My bridle has pink reins and I also have a pink zebra saddle pad! Haha I look kind of ridiculous with all the pink lol