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    We raise fine fleece Shetland Sheep, have a couple spoiled Welsh Cardigan Corgis and love our little farm :-) New Horse Owners! Yay!
  1. Measuring Horses For Their Size? How?

    She ended up fitting a size Small halter, 500-800lbs. Thank you for the link on weight calculating Serah Rose!
  2. Riding Boots

    Ariats here too, mine are about 7yrs old.
  3. Measuring Horses For Their Size? How?

    Her previous owner said she's about 14.2 and 800lbs. She seems pretty chunky, but maybe my perception of weight on a horse is way off. I need to get a photobucket account set up so I can post a picture of her, I keep putting it off and forgetting. :-/
  4. My new mare is a POA and the horses I got to ride when I was a kid/teen, were full size horses. So the few things I've hung onto over the years are "large" size I guess? The old green rope halter I have is about an inch, maybe 2" too big all over. Would it be a safe bet to buy a medium sized flat halter and trust that it'd fit? And what size is "Cobb"? How do I measure her for a blanket? I've never done that, and it's wishful thinking mostly, but if I were to find a good deal on a blanket for her, I'd like to know what size to buy. Is there a rule of thumb for measuring? Is it true you can use a regular measure tape and a math formula to get a rough weight estimate?? Thank you folks :-)
  5. Official Sign Up For Christmas Ornament Exchange

    What a fun idea, are there other kinds of exchanges too?
  6. Thanksgiving Recipes

    For holidays, I use heavy whipping cream in my mashed potatoes instead of just milk. :-)
  7. Deworming

    Nothing wrong with too much info, so long as It's relevent and accurate. :-)
  8. Deworming

    Looks like I need to open another browser window then, while I still have some time to mess around online. Thank you for the advice and first hand experiences. Lol I hope I don't drive people crazy with my questions. But I was directed here by a couple strangers at fleet farm, that said even if I don't become a member, I can still learn a lot by just reading.
  9. Deworming

    Varied types, as in different brands, I'm assuming? I suppose I need to ask a vet for fecal testing huh? Wonder how much that would cost.
  10. Deworming

    I deworm my sheep 2-3 times a year, so how often do I deworm my horse? Her previous owner said she was last dewormed in May. I'm guessing I should get her some paste pretty soon?
  11. Brand New Horse Mummy

    I've now owned a pretty POA mare (4yrs old) named Maple, for about 4 hours! She's the tallest animal on the farm, we raise Shetland sheep and have Welsh Cardigan Corgis. We like the little animals lol. Now, let your best advice crash over me like a wave, I'm excited to learn!