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    contesting horses, fishing, hunting.
  1. Please Help Me.

    not when im putting the bit in his mouth, but when i am on him he tends to try to pull and not listen to the commands i am asking for.I do not have access to a round pen at the time, but what i mean is he tends to try to follow other horses, i've tried many times to get him away from them but then he doesn't listen. an i've fallen off of him plenty of times because he will make the sharpest turns just to follow another horse.
  2. Please Help Me.

    My horses name is Rocket, im currently helping train him a little more, being a barrel horse and 15 years old and being around alot of other horses growing up he was always a follower. im trying to break him of this habit, but he does not seem to be listening to me. he always fights the bit for awhile and then finally takes it. but he still wont listen to my commands, when i ask him to go somewhere with out the other horses. is there any thing that y'all know of that can help me train him to not be such a follower.