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  1. Hi, I'm new here and just looking for some information. I'll be honest I have never been on a horse or mule but have been near them. We moved to a place where we have some acreage and I have thought over and over about getting a mule. I have read some on them and just really interest me more than a horse. From my understanding mules do a little more thinking than just reacting to situations, while horses normally just react and can be dangerous. I know there is a lot more to this story, but this is the gist of what I got from reading about these two animals. I'm a complete novice and wondering has anyone else started from a complete novice like me or did you have some prior experience through others before getting your first horse/mule? I have no 'job' that we need a mule to do, this would just be a well loved pet that would be ridden a few times per week and would be well loved and taken care of. However, I want to do tremendous research before I even consider getting one. I know a novice with any large animal can be dangerous and want to have a good understanding of their care, training and anything else I need to know to properly take care of and raise a mule. I don't plan to purchase one for a year or so, but this will give me plenty of time to research, think this over and get a place ready to keep one. I thought what better place to start my search than getting information from people who have owned or just have experience with them. Please fill me in on everything you think that would be helpful, any good websites, books? I would love to know about usual monthly/yearly costs, best diet, and activities and things to provide for a mule to be content. I appreciate all the help in advance. :)