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  1. Hello everyone: I'm hoping to get a farrier's point of view on this topic. It's not a typical topic for this forum, so bear with me. I am a writer working on my second western for my publisher. I do copious amounts of research in the course of my writing, but unfortunately as much as I love westerns, I have limited knowledge when it comes to horses. Currently I am working on a section of the novel which deals with a marshal trying to track a cattle rustler. My question is: were the horseshoes of that period sufficiently unmarked up during the fitting process that an outlaw could lose his tracks by mingling them in with hundreds of tracks found on the streets of a town of a couple thousand inhabitants. The action takes place after a few days after a heavy rain so tracks should be plentiful and fair quality. My editor, having watched his grandfather shoe horses as a young man believes a good tracker would be able to identify a specific set of prints among the others due to how the shoe would be marked up during the fitting process. Opinions anyone? This is a major plot point so I need to get this right. As I have no knowledge, I need advice. Thanks,