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  1. Ok! I'll have to take more pictures of her! Thanks.
  2. Bell And Leg Boots A Must?

    Thank you so much y'all! It was a lot of help.
  3. It won't let me upload my picture so i'll describe my horse to y'all! She's a 12 year old QH/Standardbred cross;piebal so black and white, but mainly white with patches of black. She's 15.2-3 hh! Please Help with ideas!(:
  4. Next year i want to compete my horse in fairs and i want to know ahead of time what to dress me and my horse up for the costume classes! I know it's early but im gonna just get everything i need now incase i have to order it and not waste til last minute! I'll post some pictures up of my horse and i want some REALLLYYY creative ideas for me and my horse. Especially my horse since shes a piebald its kinda tough to think of some. If you have ideas please help share them to me and how i could put the stuff on her?! or what material to use! thanks!(: I'll post a picture below of my horse!!
  5. Ok, I have always wanted to make cool videos with my horse like Youtube accounts have where they mash different like 2 second videos together and i wanted a BIG list of fun things to do with my horse in the summer, winter, what type of games to do with her, what to work with her on, tricks, ground work,ANYTHING. i'm attempting to make a list right now but am drawing a blank for everything i could possibly do with her other than the basics. So make lists below for me please! :)
  6. This is my horse Comet! I wanted someone else's opinion on my horse's conformation! She stands squared like this on a daily basis so she knows her stuff. I think she has an excellent conformation, but wanted other people's opinions and judgements!(:
  7. Patriotic/confederate Tack

    I am wanting to put my horse comet in ALL confederate and patriotic tack so the normal red white and blue colors. I wanted a site that isn't too expensive to buy that kind of stuff for my horse. I'm talking color everything. The saddle pad, boots, boot covers, bridle, breast collar, halter, lead rope, tie down EVERYTHING patriotic and confederate. If anyone is selling any of that or knows a site i can go on that has good stuff post below!(: even a saddle thats like that. I've seen maybe 2 leather barrel saddles that have little confederate flags all over it but theyre too expensive for my budget please help!!
  8. Bell And Leg Boots A Must?

    I've heard so many things from different people and im just getting confused! I'm planning on showing and competing my horse in fairs and fun shows this summer. I want to know whether or not i NEED bell boots for my horse. She doesn't have shoes or anythiing like that so i know thats one of the main reasons people have them! and what type of leg boots would be good for a hardcore going gymkhana horse?
  9. My horse is a Quarter Horse/Standardbred cross. I'm planning on showing her in not only western pleasure but gymkhana as the main event at fairs and fun shows. I especially wanna do barrels and i know Quarter Horse's are the best for that so i wanted to know people's opinions on whether or not she would be a good barrel horse for it or not. I'm not gonna travel to the NFR or anything, but i'd like to know what y'all think about her breed and stuff. If anyone has any other ideas for me with how to help her become a better horse for barrels i'm definately open to it! She was trained by Chris Cox, which he specializes in western riding and showing. So, she was bred to compete for something. I'll pose some pictures below too! I've gotta build muscle on her as well, but she's a long back horse which i was wondering would either help or not help with turning?