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  1. To Stop It From Happening?

    Okay this might sound a little mean, but my trainer says it works, When he rears you need to teach him that he will his his head. So when your riding or lunging him hit him (not hard but enough for him to feel) on the head. My trainer says her horse hasn't reared since... Just try it.
  2. Horse Stories

    I'll start. It snowed nine inches at my barn a week ago and I was riding the most gentle horse at the barn. (Irish) My trainer was riding her horse that is occasionally naughty (Mocha) and she expected him to be the stupid one but she was wrong. After riding for a while Irish started being an idiot and gave me a nice hard buck, that I made him circle and put him in check. Strange. This horse never kicks never rears never bites and never bucks unless he is freezing...
  3. Horse Stories

    Just stories worth telling about your horse. (Or horses)
  4. This Or That

    Moose Thinking about horses all the time or only at the barn?
  5. This Or That

    Whoops screwed up Small farm Pony or horse
  6. Maybe make her a cow! :) that would be adorable! I'm thinking like a white tail sock with a tuft of black and then she gets horns and you could be a milk maid or a cowgirl or something