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    jumpers and hunters
  1. What To Feed

    i have a off track Thoroughbred and an Arabian my ottb has been jumping for years andis doing well he get two scoops of sweet feed 10% protein and get a joint sup and then 3 flakes hay twice a day and is out on pasture. my arabian is just on pasture and get a scoop of feed when get a chance to work him. i getting ready to put him into full training soon but want to make sure his feed is up to date with what im doing. what is a good feed to be feeding him? and if there would be anything better for my ottb please help me?!
  2. Horse Shows?

    hi i live in Oklahoma city and i have a new rider and she just starting off and woudl like to start er with small shows i'm used to greater Oklahoma show but shes not ready for that if any body knows if smaller shows please let me know!!!!!
  3. Exercises

    I have a new rider I've stared jumping an is doing great i need some fun different things for her to do. Out of the box make you think things anyone have any ideas? thanks!
  4. Hi I'm New Here

    hi my name is Jane Smedley i'm from Oklahoma and have ottbs and i use to show hunters and jumpers but now train!