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  1. Online Shopping

    Are there any great, trusted online tack store for western tack, that you guys like to shop from? I live in an area that is quite a ways away from the local store, and there is a very small amount of western tack there anyways. I am very familiar with great online stores for english tack, but unsure where to go for western tack. Thanks a lot everyone :)
  2. Starting Again On An Older Horse

    Getting her going again would be great for her. If she is sound it's a great start. I would also make sure that saddle fitting is good to go as her musculature might have changed being off and retired. I would definitely stay away from the deep footing and steep hills you have in your area until you know that she's in good shape and can handle it. At 22 she might end up being a great trail/in the forest trail horse. I would start her off slow on a few short walks, working your way up in length and increasing terrain difficulty. This sounds like you might have a fantastic trail horse on your hands. Good for you.
  3. 1.5 Year Old Filly Kicking, Rearing, And Biting

    What an evil little thing! I love minis, they are the best little monsters around. I would take her in a round pen(paddock or whatever you have access to thats smaller in size), and make that little thing work hard before you take her for a groom etc. When she does start any of those monster-ish behaviours tell her to stop immediately with a turn No! if she bites as much as I am not a fan of smacking on the nose, I feel sometimes its a good one. We had a youngster that decided to start doing that one day and the first one caught me off guard, the second time I smacked him so hard his nose must have stung for a day. He never did it again tho....don't let that little pony intimidate you. She just learned that you are a bit unsure with your handling and she's using it to her advantage.
  4. Maybe The Last One?

    I think we will have to come down to that type of decision making at one point or another. I went through it myself a while back and realized that two horses is where I wanted to stay. For us it makes sense because both hubby and I are into horses, so it gives us each our horse to work with. It also gives us the option to always have 2 horses to take out on trails if decide to go trail riding. Two horses are always manageable even for one person, where as the 14 I have(used to breed) is a thing of the past-different time in my life now.
  5. What a looker! I wonder if he is going to end up a palomino?
  6. If You Ride Enough

    I think its one of those silent gifts that we get when we invest our lives into this friendship. Im just building this bond right now with my mare, and its so something that is so incredible, I couldnt even find words to describe it.
  7. Breaking Programs

    awww and I very much appreciate your answer and advice. Good reminder. Tho not a senior citizen, Im definitely halfway there LOL LMBO!
  8. Wintec Saddles

    You will get so many opinions about those saddles. Most people will tell you to get a good quality used leather saddle, which in some cases(depending on the fit of horse and rider), can be a great idea. I will also say however that wintex or other synthetic saddles are sometimes a fantastic option. Most synthetic saddles dont even look synthetic because of how well made they are-but again you just have to make sure that it fits you and your horse.
  9. Hello Im New Here

    The original Canadians are actually from Europe from King Louis, which genetically is a decendent of the Merens horses in Europe. A lot of history speculates there are some morgan influences.
  10. Breaking Programs

    Woohoo! so excited! our mare is getting her first backing this evening. Been working with her for a few weeks, and have been waiting for what seems forever to get her broke to ride. Depending on how she goes tonight, I might take over rides after her first backing or if she ends up being more worried and bucky than what Im expecting, I will have a trainer at our stable, put a few more rides on her. I've ridden freshly broke horses in the past, but its been a while since having done so. Looking for some recommendations. What are your primary goals when riding a green broke horse? moving forward and straight? bending and half halts, circles? moving off your leg? what are the main things you work on first?
  11. Meet My New Horse

    What a tank! he's gorgeous!
  12. My Horse Won't Move Under Saddle

    What I do before I get on, is I lunge the horses and teach them all the vocal cues for each pace including clucking to have them move forward. The benefit of doing it that way, is that by the time you get on to ride, you have that to assist you with the aids. Ground driving will also assist you with the turning aids.
  13. Staple Inserted In Forehead As A Calming Effect?

    I cannot believe that they would do that! that is insane. If the horse does not like to be indoors, sell the bloody horse and let him go to a home where he can work outside. This is crazy-when will they stop to "calm" a horse down.
  14. Let's See Those 2 And 3 Yr Olds

    Welcome back to the forum.