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  1. Fitting Half Chaps

    They are actually red I just had the flash in ! :) they are fine at the back its just the taller bits on the sides do they look too tall?
  2. Fitting Half Chaps

    I got new leather half chaps for Christmas. They are the ones that are higher on the outside. I personally think they are a bit too high up on me but I am not sure. Here is a photo of them..do they fit OK?
  3. Washing My Horse

    OK thank you I just use normal shampoo from our bathroom I guess I could buy horse shampoo! :)
  4. Washing My Horse

    He's doing good thanks I have recently been riding him bareback in the field just walking he didn't try to bolt yay!Just brought him in a while ago he is disgusting I didn't know I had a hairy Grey horse!? I think we have a hose but no nozzle for the end :/
  5. Washing My Horse

    I wash my horse on very hot days just with water to cool him down but he gets very dusty and dirty and all his hair that he's shedding is just stuck to him! How often should I wash him with shampoo? I've only recently started washing him and I only used shampoo once and I know I shouldn't wash him too often using shampoo because I'll wash off his natural oils and all that but I don't know how often I can use shampoo! 🐴
  6. Young Horse

    Yes I will thank you.
  7. Young Horse

    I quoted people'sposts and at the start or somewhere in my post I thanked them. Obviously I didn't know how rude some people can be towards people they don't even know and the people I know (my trainer in this case). My "so called trainer"? She IS a trainer. There's no questions about it. Just because she didn't do anything about Trigger bolting once that makes her a bad trainer or not even a real trainer?? Well guess what... She didn't know he had bolted. It was at home and he NEVER did it before so it was NOT a problem until i brought him home and ONCE he bolted. What you are saying is like saying this. 'if a doctor sends a child home from a hospital because the child is well again but then the child has a heart attack and the doctors seen no signs of a heart attack coming on, the doctor isnt a good doctor or a real doctor'. Now do u think thats right? NO. Just like some people here including you are not right about my trainer. Honestly some people are so judgemental.
  8. Young Horse

    I am taking advice from people that has been there, done that on this thread but then they start saying stuff about me and my trainer? Thats crossing the line...that is not theyre place to say any of that stuff. But I am listening to the helpful things they say and it is them I am getting opinions from etc.
  9. Young Horse

    i have also spent lots of money on trigger so im not going to give up now!! Im going to keep trigger not get another more broken horse i guess it will be a good experience for me too for the future!! Anyway as i was told before, i dont want to get a better horse becausewe will buy it (it would prob be exppensive because its so goood) and i will ruin it and that will be more money wasted.
  10. Young Horse

    There are no horses around and he loved being three so yeah maybe he did miss them!! :) Yes i will continue working with him :)
  11. Young Horse

    Yeah well Trigger isnt your horse so thats not how he acts when hes fresh. Good idea, be done with this "nonsence" im done with yours. I am not nervous when i ride him. i think of what might happen because of what DID happen but it doesnt make me tense up or make me nervous. Equicrzy, i am not blaming it on freshess. It is the REASON, the CAUSE for him bolting. Why nobody will believe me when i say that i dont know but dont disrespect ME just because u cant believe anything i say. He bolted ONCE when he was fresh. Help me understand.. in what way is that what u are saying it is????? ONCE. It happened once. he WAS fresh (i think I'd know, i was there) and he had JUST COME HOME, away from his buddies after a good summer. So if u dont believe a word i say, stop posting on my thread and stop reading my posts. And please stop thinking u know the truth and im making up excuses because u were not there so u cant posibley know. Another thing ive noticed is people fighting with me on this thread and then they say they are done posting here and they are done with me and my nonsence but they all keep coming back to fight more and more. So please.. jsut go if youre going to keep fighting.
  12. Young Horse

    I KNOW hes disrespectful and im WORKING ON IT. Seriously you are the one who just cant accept the fact that I KNOW HE WAS FRESH. He does NOT ever get away with anything EVER EVER EVER. And guess what... horses arent all about RIDING RIDING RIDING. Take care of the horse too and spend time with it... unless you are one of those people that just get the horse, ride and then leave. I am greatful for your opinion but no, im NOT going to sell him, he CAN be ridden anywhere but he WAS just FRESH. So what if he likes having another horse around to make him more comfortable with what hes doing??? You try doing EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, alone, with NOBODY else with you and see how well u get on. Yes I DID change the OP but not because I DIDNT get what i wanted to read. I changed it because I DID get the advice on tht and I wanted advice on SOMETHING ELSE. Now my opinion...It sounds like you cant accept ANYTHING im telling you because either you want to be right and me wrong, you are too darn stubborn to listen to anything else but your own opinion or you just dont understand that there are other reasons in this situation. I would strongly suggest you be more open minded about things...It will come in handy one day. He is not ALL horses. He is one young horse that has been trained multiple times and now he is finally being trained RIGHT after being trained WRONG. If you are going to keep contridicting erything I have to say then please go post your thoughts elsewhere.
  13. Young Horse

    Not all horses are the same so not all young horses are going to be very well trained..and well behaved
  14. Young Horse

    Im not making excuses for his age but my sister is 6 and was brought up well but I dont see her being respectful all the time.. so yes, age has something to do with some probs.
  15. Young Horse

    Sorry I didnt mean to sound all defensive, i was just saying..! If your going to try being a smart""" please go and post your nasty remarks elsewhere. Wow your horse sounds very..wow!!! Lucky you!! :) Im not using this as an excuse but trigger IS still very young and he was only trained PROPERLY for one summer.. so he will need more work done to get all of it drilled into his brain! Again, its not an excuse, it is a fact. Think of it like this.. you're not going to learn a whole new language in one day, Rome wasnt built in a day, any other sayings !! :)