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  1. Kind Of Scared But... Critique Me...

    Hi. I'll add a little info first. This is me and Rhos my 22 year old 138/143 pony. He has shown all his life and done so well with us the past three years and came on from a dippy skinny generally poor pony to a fairly fat (fatter when showing) happy loved caring pony. We have pretty much retired him from showing now for this upcoming season because he is looking a bit old in the ring and we are starting dressage. We have done a few prelim tests that went quite well. My instructor has big plans for us this year and wants me to do silver spurs on Rhos and her pony. Silver spurs is a dressage comp that is mainly based on riding. I think I know my riding faults and am working on them. I know my instructor will help me right through any problems I have but It'll be good for people who don't know me and haven't seen my improve over the years to see what they think are my main riding faults. Thanks so much in advance I feel that this will really help me improve. Thanks again, Rhosroyalvelvet
  2. Kind Of Scared But... Critique Me...

    Thank You!
  3. Kind Of Scared But... Critique Me...

    Well... Were on the Squad!!! The development section meaning that we go to training and when we are at medium level we can compete with the team but not yet. I won't be on a team in ponies because I am out of ponies on Jan 1st but maybe just maybe if I practice really hard with Rhos and then with my next horse I'll be on the Junior team/ Young riders. So happy rider and spoilt horse!
  4. Kind Of Scared But... Critique Me...

    Thank you so much! Well I think Rhos deserves all the credit any way! I do agree that this weekend will be very educational and a fantastic experience!
  5. Kind Of Scared But... Critique Me...

    Just thought I would let you all knowWe went to our dressage show on sunday. I was extremly nervous as I was competing against an international FEI pony rider and her mum in the prelim class. To make matters worse we got lost and only arrived 10 minutes before my test was scheduled. So I was completly panicking but Rhos was a superstar. He gave me a great ride (even though I made afew mistakes as a rider). I was so pleased with him and didn't care where we came but it just so happened that I won the class of 25! We scored 71.45%, which also ended up to be the overall highest score of the day across all classes!! Then for the cherry on the cake I have been asked to train with the Irish Pony FEI team this weekend! Nothing may come of it because I am NOT at medium level but it is still really pleasing!!!!! Also my main instructor heard from the secreatary of my region in dressage that lots of people were talking about a student of hers on a lovely chestnut pony. She said we turned a few heads and that the majority of people went to silence during my test and watched! I think she was exagerating a lot though because it was really quiet all day any way and I didn't notice any one looking at all! I do think every one is over reacting though...
  6. Young Horse

    Sorry. Big fault of mine... Heres it put simply: I was trying to say that it makes sense to say that, some one who lives in hearth of Irish equestrian life would know a bit more about Irish equestrian life than someone who only visits on shopping sprees.
  7. Young Horse

    Love Irish names, and I pleased that you wish her good luck!
  8. Young Horse

    So your name needs to be spelt to the Irish because your half irish??? I am glad your half Irish but that doesn't mean you know everything ther is to know about Ireland and it's equestrian life. Know one does but I can tell you one thing someone living in the midst of the Irish equestrian bustle and knows half the competitive equestrians in Ireland and a good few non competitive ones too, on the whole run would know a bit more than someone who lives elsewhere and whos higlight of Irish equestrian involvment is hopping with the germans and americans. could be wrong but heh it's a crazy world!
  9. Young Horse

    no it is not acceptable on the emerald isle!! the sons of erin want to sell horses, and they need to behave. i KNOW because i've been over there with germans and americans to buy. got it? I KNOW that we have our fair share of missbehaving ponies here but I also know we have more than our fair share of angelic saints of ponies and horses to ride which the americans and germanswould be very lucky to have. I KNOW this because I LIVE here. Got it??? I have seen alot more horses in Ireland than you have, on your shopping trips.
  10. Young Horse

    I jumped in as soon as I knew this thread was here. I posted a while ago on this thread for it to be on the most part over looked and ignored. I have a strong temper and have managed to hold it in but I couldn't any more... sorry I spoke my mind... I am really truely sorry if I caused any offense because I don't mean it. I was jsut trying to prove a point and STOP one or two of my pet hates I see on this thread a discrimination, and assumtions. I am also very protective and ready to stand up for my friends, my family and my country, all three of which you have put down on this thread. ps I think you may be angry or on your phone because most of what you said I didn't understand. Sorry.
  11. Young Horse

    change her story/attitude with the wind I don't see that but I probably missed a few pages. What I see is some thing I see in everyone. Good days vs bad days. If you have a good day and things went relativitly well compared to the last while, you feel like you are going forwards and upwards. That things can only improve and will excuse small things in order to retain that feeling. You feel happy positive just all round great. Everything looks better than it is ect you get my point. If you have a bad day though things cans seem darn right miserable. That you are going down hill. That nothing is going to improve. All the small bad things become collasal ect Please don't tell me this is a teenager thing because I see it in all from the young to the old. Your mood effects everything including what you right. But just because of what you feel on that day doesn't mean your long term goal and what you are going to do to get it changes drasticly. So the routine of consistant management stays they same ect. I am not saying that ST is definatly keeping the routine the same because I don't see her riding often at this moment in time, but I would expect she knows that she should keep it the same as that is what we told her. Hope that makes sense... Also the character of the horses misbehaviours can mean alot. Some are friendly and playful, others are disrespectful. ST can choose which in her horse as she knows his character and what he is doing.
  12. Young Horse

    Nick: Hi,here are some points I would like to make/question... i think that your trainer IS a big part of the problem.... why???? Do tell, because if you read my earlier post (which was on the most part ignored) or asked some questions mabey you would think otherwise. you're a troll. good night. sleep tight. Well that was charming, helpful, adult behaviour. Calm the ham, and ask questions rather than presuming. Please I bet I am WAY younger than you and I feel like I am taking a more mature approach than suddenly calling someone a troll what ever you meant by it. If you are really that fed up... heres an idea, calmly explain what you think and why your fed up in one long post then, stop posting. That to me seems an appropriate approach, then again I could be wrong. this is about safety, and your trainer is not making that a priority. then again, i've ridden in ireland and safety didn't seem to be a big priority but it was okay for me--because i could watch out for my own. Good for you. I am glad you could with stand us Irish hooligans. I am gald you can stand on your own two feet and be and discriminate against the WHOLE Irish nation because of your experience. A bit closed minded don't you think. Then again mabey I am wrong just food for though. ps how do you know at all what the trainers safety standards? Did you meet her, ride there or even ask a question about it....? Please dont presume or discriminate. Have a FULL knowledge about a topic before starting accusations. These quotes were just a few from the last 2 pages btw I didn't go all the way back or into all your other posts you have ever done, but I will if you want. food for thought :)
  13. Young Horse

    I am confused.... One minute you are all trying to help ST even if info is wrong or you seem to be coming across as mean next some of you have turned into monsters biting off her head. Please can some one tell me what caused this transfiguration.
  14. Young Horse

    Lunging, is the best option bar riding, to get extra energy out of him. If any changes have been made to feed stop them, and keep him regularly exercised as far as possible (red alert storms are an exception)
  15. Young Horse

    Just curious why do you think it's the trainers fault?
  16. Young Horse

    I do know you say mabey prnce but knowing Trigger and knowing the level of his respect issues which were at least with us and I am sure still being worked on now with ST at her home, I do think he bolted because he was fresh. Most of the ponies I have ridden when they are fresh want to gallop ect (that doesn't mean we let them do it.) If a horse is prancing are they just prancing so they can walk, not usually. Most likely it's because they want to gallop. I am not trying to get at you just trying to defend the fact that I think Triggers bolt was due to freshness. This does not excuse any behavioural issues that need to be cleaned up, just to make that clear.
  17. Young Horse

    Yes I agree that you should never let a horse vice from the start and we run by that but are you sure they will never be the same as a young horse started correcly. I have a fun story about that :) We have a horse Penway Pellican and guess what he was never broken. He was a stallion till he was 8 then gelded and sold as a family pony. Because he was so quiet the just jumped up on him. They hauled him round by the head and did everything you are not supposed to do. He came to us and eight year old me and another eight year old we re-trained him. It took a while but guess what? He is a perfect childs pony. Anyone can ride him he jumps hacks and is schooled to perfection and he doesn't try anything any more! SO yeah I think saying never was a bit of an exageration.
  18. Young Horse

    Hi, You could say I um know everyone in this situation personally so here is what I KNOW has happened: SweetTrigger came to us what 3-4 years ago. We have been giving her lessons since then. Making sure her seat is correct, that she knows to always try aids with her body first and only go to her hands as a last result, jump, do basic flatwork ect. We have a variety of horses and she rode the fast, the slow and the ones you can't touch with your hands. She had her falls but she learned from them as any decent rider should and by the time she brought Trigger here she was a decent rider. Good position, good aids her only flaw is she was a bit passive in her aids some times when a horse was getting out of hand if for example they were fresh. She brought Trigger last summer and I can tell you one thing for sure, he was never ridden away properly. So it was up to SweetTrigger with us to guide her to ride Trigger away. Now he is typical of a cob in being stubborn and unresponisve and do you know what else he is? Down right lazy! BArlely gets out of his own way. Her passive aids wern't of any help to this horse and they came into a lot of trouble. Yes there was screaming and raoring but only because you CAN NOt let a young horse get away with stuff. The stage he was at was crucial to make sure he Knew the ground rules. Some things he would do was try to stop in a certain corner and turn around or in a cirlce her would try change rein but she rode him through it. I got up on him a few times and it was then we decided to change the bit. I found him very heavy on the snaffle and not paying much atention to it on any of the few aids a gave with the rein. And SweetTrigger was finding it difficult when he was in the corner or on the circle the turn him the way she wanted. The cahnge was almost imediate. He went from his level being on par to shooting up rapidly. By the time we felt she was ready to go home he was doing circles, serpenntines, transitions and small jumps no bother. No shouting. If we felt in any way she was uncaplable to ride him on her own (she did ride him on her own several times at ours) we would not have let her take him home. My mum is qualified in equine science and training. She has ridden race horses since she was nine and taught heself to ride on very naughty shetlands with a piece of rope. She has broken the un breakable so many times and I have seen her turn horses around from utter physcopaths about to be put down into great rides. She has brought neglected bitter ponies back from deaths door into the show ring as the perfect childs pony. I can give ponies by name and people to refer to if you do not believe me. She always always puts the pony first and if someone can not ride a pony she will point blank tell them. She learns the ponies personality and if the seem to be acting out of charactor at all the vet denstist and chiropractor are out and feed is checked. So all you darlings out there please dont tell me that she is abusive because guess what? You don't know a thing about my mum. I have ridden away countless ponies since I was nine (yes all those phycopaths I told you about) and now they are perfect childs ponies. I don't know next or near everything but I know a thing or two about ridding away ponies and I rode Trigger. I can tell you personally that he is as quite as a mouse, and the laziest begger you have ever met. His faults were he was a bit heavy in the hand and green in his turns. Ok he is not a mad physco running around trying to kill people by galloping. And SweetTriggers passiveness made him a bit disrespectful on ground but whenever we were leading him ect we made sure he had respect and tried to get SweetTrigger to do the same. Hey all you guys who do think he's a physco your wrong. He is either fresh (how often have you been riding him SweetTrigger because he was ridden very day here so going from that to nothing is a sure way to make him fresh. If you haven't ridden him for a while lung him), or he something is wrong with him as in his back is out or something. I have only recently joined this forum and was thing good things about it untill I read this post, and do you know what? I felt that you were all really judgemental. Instead of asking questions first and then giving your opinion on a knowledgeable backround of information you lauched straight in as if you knew everyone involved in person. I find that a big downfall in the human race and and most of the people here especially at the beginning of this thread are all just feeding the monster.
  19. Kind Of Scared But... Critique Me...

    Thats so kind of you to say but I'm a little confused as to how the quote you used showed that... or are you being sarcastic?
  20. Kind Of Scared But... Critique Me...

    I always forget to check my diagonal... BIG fault of mine! Inside leg as i rise? I always thought you squeeze every time you sit... I will definatly try that to strenghten my lower leg. Thanks for the tip hopefully it will help me alot. I will try and keep you updated of my improvements if you want. Thanks again, Rhosroyalvelvet
  21. Kind Of Scared But... Critique Me...

    Yes I love everything about charlotte dujardin too! I never thought about squeezing or in somecases opening the inside hand as a cause of resistnace. I will keep that in mind in the future. You see I sometimes find that he would come right around my leg from his hind end to his shoulder but then not come as well in front and that's where the hand came in. I do do some shoulder fore shoulder in leg yeild loop in of the track and stuff like that. But I do not know what crupper is. He does usually over track and stride bigger but he was at the end of an hours schooling there and he was tired and dead off my leg but even still I should be getting him to track up more. I will lift my hands up and hopefully that will be a start. Thanks again. rhosroyalvelvet.
  22. Kind Of Scared But... Critique Me...

    Thanks so much. Most of these critiques are what I was expecting. When I looked at the video I saw him behind the verticle which is a thing I DO NOT want AT ALL. I hate the idea of overbending ponies and didn't realise it was happening. For my hands being on my lap I am working on raising them but I don't know whether it's from breaking ponies and having a hand on each side of the neck to create a tunnel or whether it has developed from in the past opening my hand out to my knee to ask for inside flexion I now try to minimize the movement. They look lower than I feel they are when riding. Mabey it could also be me being a bit precautious because at one point in the summer I rode with my hands way too high (not so good) and have dropped them alot since. I do know about the straight line from elbow to hand to bit and do have it in mind when riding. Also today when riding I found when my reins got too long I lowered my hands. I ride with quite a long rein that is always slipping a BIG fault of mine that could be the reason either. If it is I will just shorten and raise my hands. Yes he was being heavy in my hands that day. You see we did long and low with him for a while as he always stuch his head out horizontally when being given a long rein and now he reaches down. The problematic side effect is that he enjoyed it so much he is constantly leaning on me now looking for the rein. I did find if I pushed through more he raised his head but I am not very strong in my leg at the moment because I am trying to minimze the amount of fusing I am doing with my heels and I have always found it difficult to squeeze with my calf strong enough to get results with out having to sit in trot. So from that you would say canter should be easy but I find getting the right rythem to squeeze in canter difficult to find. After watching charlotte dujardin one day I looked at the rythem she used and mimicked it in my horse and he was AMAZING for 2 days then I hacked him out and forgot it. Must watch her again till the rythem becomes second nature. Any times for squeezing in trot while rising? I dont pull him in to a headset. I hold a contact and push. If he is being a little piggy with his head I use inside leg to out side hand. I'd say I'm just not pushing enough. Hopefully that will improve when I get the squeeze in trot. He was actually being quite lazy then and today. Wonder why? Must hack him out soon that might perk him up he hasn't hacked out since not last saturday but the saturday before due to time and light issues. I do not really know why he was going behind the vertical as I wasn't asking for it. Horses had just left the ring and he was getting very strung out so mabey when I shortened my reins to re-collect him I was putting too much pressure on. Oh dear I really don't want to be riding off my hands. If I am at least we would have caught it early and I can fix it before it becomes a bad habit like my low hands. One more question. I find when collecting him using half haults especially in canter I cant get it right. I bring him bak with my body weight and don't get my leg on in time and he breaks. I put a strong leg on in time and he thinks its time for gallop from his shows and then it is near impossible to get him back with his mad head on. Any tips for getting the happy medium? Mabey its my rythem for squeezing as he was in a fairly good collection when I watched charlotte dujardin. Also coming back from trot he gets all strung out trying to extend for extention time in the shows. He was better today but I can't seem to get enough body weight to bring him into a collected trot from canter. Any tips on that? Sorry for the novel was pretty much just writing what came into my mind. Thanks so much and I will work hard on those points all week and hopefully *fingers crossed* my sister will take a short video again this weekend or later in the week. So I can see if I have improved. I can post it here if you want but no need to burden you all. If you want anyother videos to see my riding for critique (you probably don't but anyway) All the videos on my mums channel (?) on youtube red4alert bar the hunter and hunter 2 ones are me riding through the years. Thanks again. This will really help me for silver spurs. Will run all the points through with my instructors as well. Thanks again (sorry I am saying thank you too much) Rhosroyalvelevt
  23. Riding Arenas

    Our arena is 25 by 40. I don't know what fencing would be the cheapest though. Sorry...