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  1. Riding Lessons

    How many of you give riding lessons as a private horse owner? I am wanting to give beginner lessons and eventually become a certified instructor. How did you start and what organization did you join to become a certified instructor? What is a fair price to charge for riding lessons?
  2. So I'd like to get others thoughts on this- using horses for 4H, there was a local parent looking for horses to use for 4H for their kids. So I of course said hey I've got a few good broke horses they can use, in exchange for helping with chores. No charge. (Could have been a mistake...) So I had them each sign a liability release form, they wear helmets when they come out to ride. We have no contract just a verbal agreement. Now they were coming out 3-4 times a week but now their mom Is having health issues, they have not been out for more than a month. One of their advisors told the mom if they are using them for 4H they should pay for feet trims, vaccinations part of it. I don't really see that happening but anyways these kids need lessons if they are going to succeed. They are very inexperienced, this is only their second year. She talked about how the 4H kids trailer their horses once a week to a meeting and I'm the one with the trailer. So far when they are at the barn, I'm the one who has to be with them and basically giving them lessons on my own time for free. I don't mind them using the horses but teaching them to ride wasn't part of the deal. Is it rude to bring this up and tell her she will have to pay to have someone give them lessons or is that expected of me to teach them since they are using my horses? I don't have any experience in working with kids that are involved in 4H and they are new to this also. Then on top of that, the bring a "friend" along and she wanted to ride, no big deal, I had her mom sign the waiver thinking she wants to come out and ride every now and again. Well her mom comes out with her last week wanting to free lease a horse for 4H also (which I was kind of put on the spot since I'm not advertising this) and her daughter has never rode a horse. She needs lessons also. These are both low income families and I think its great their kids want to be involved with horses but I can quickly see me being taken advantage of here. What's your thoughts? With one of the moms having health issues all three kids are most likely coming out a the same time with one parent and I can quickly see this becoming a fiasco. I don't want to come out rude either, but money is tight right now and we can't afford to be trailering horses all over for free. Any insight on the parents or horse owners point of view?
  3. So this question arises, I had a vinyl decal made that says our farm name and location that's visible on our trailer, made it more personal than just a trailer. Someone told me they were stopped by DOT and wanted to make sure they had a commercial license plate because they had their farm name printed on the trailer. I also heard people being pulled over by state troopers telling them they had to have a DOT #. Is this true or hogwash?? We are a private farm who just shows for fun locally but the trailer does have commercial tags because its cheaper regular trailer tags. So is it ok to have your farm name on your trailer??
  4. Has anyone had to give up horses temporarily because finances where tight? I'd like to hear your thoughts if you've been in that situation. My husband and I were recently married and want to stop being "normal" people and get out of debt. I've mentioned maybe we should downsize on horses to help keep cost down. He doesn't want me to sell the horses. If you have horses you know they aren't cheap. I hate the thought of giving them up for a while but I feel like we're in rut.
  5. Making Money With Your Horses?

    Howdy! I haven't been on here in ages! I'd thought I'd share my pondering thoughts this evening, what are some good ways to make money with horses? I have a full time job but don't plan on staying there forever. Its not what I want to do for the rest of my life ya know?! I have 5 riding horses and a nice set up at home for working them, only down size is we don't have an indoor for winter time. Hopefully someday though :) I have tossed around the idea of giving riding lessons and or offer kids an opportunity to be around them. I know there is liability when you start having people ride on your property and thats something I have to ask the insurance company about. I have considered getting certified to be an instructor but not 100% sure if thats what i want. My husband suggested I should start a livestock service so that when people want to go away, I would take care of your horses or whatever when your gone. I acutally thought that might be a good idea since we have quite the critters oursevles and it is hard to take a vacation. Does anyone out there make money with there horses and would like to share their experience?
  6. I'm hoping some of you can help me out and give some worthy adivce here, I have quite a few different horses now, all different ages and levels of experience. I would like to see all the horses being worked and thought about giving riding lessons for beginners, children or adults this summer. I am a member of the Certified Horsemanship Association and would love to become a certifed instructor in the future but I have to get some lessons under my belt before attempting that! A lot of people say be careful someone doesn't get hurt and sue you. Can you make everyone sign a release form before riding to waive you from the responsibility if they get hurt. I would definatley require anyone under the age of 18 to wear a helmet. Whats the ideal age group when your talking about giving children lessons? We have no ponies, only full size horses. (paints/QH)