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  1. Unexpected Horsecamping Trip

    You won't have to put up with me much longer. But anything I do I do it well.
  2. Unexpected Horsecamping Trip

    You are an administrater Root ADMIN and you know what you can do with your forum Stick it where the sun never shines
  3. Unexpected Horsecamping Trip

    I am trying to help people. I taught for 45 years and like to share knowledge. I talk about how to camp and it turns into a Smilie debate. Everything is about her. Not about how to tie a horse but about her and that dam mountain. You guys know nothing about me, about my connection with most animals so don't be too quick to judge.
  4. Unexpected Horsecamping Trip

    you obviously have never been first in anything. I started out in public school as first in the class, first in numerous sports, carried it through into high school, cars, dogs, horses, guns, almost anything I laid my mind too I became good at. Does that bother you?? Many newspaper write ups, a few TV interviews and even appeared on a number of shows on TV. Again does that bother you ??? Smilie makes everything about her. Did anyone learn anything about neck ropes from my post?? Does anyone think about giving one a try?? I was talking about how to camp, not talking to Smilie although it always turns into Smilie. Where did the Down Hill come into this post?? Wait a minute, you brought it up. I have lots of experience with most things in life and try to share. I have more then 180 horse camping days behind me and just wanted to relate how I did things but then it turns into Smilie. You seem nice at times and then other times I don't know???? Heidi be careful. YOu don't want to turn the pack against you. I don;t care. they are nothing to me.
  5. Unexpected Horsecamping Trip

    Your not the only one on this forum Smilie. I am speaking to everyone, not just you. I could care less if you and your horse fell off a mountain. to those that don't know what they are doing a neck rope is a real safety line. Unbreakable, cheap, easy to use and you know your horse will remain tied no matter what At one camp we stayed at they had a billy goat wandering around, belonged to the camp and some horses just freaked out. We have 5 at the farm and some of the horses are frightened of them. Take your chances on breaking a neck. I have seen lots of horses pull back and not one broke his neck but we all hear stories To wear a body rope all the time is rediculous. Be safe and do what you think it right
  6. What Do You Ride In?

    Abbeta endurance western saddle with no horn but highly modified. The tree is removed and custom fit to his back, then the saddle is reassembled with many custom modifications The fenders wore out in 4000 miles thus the heavy duty leather ones. English dressage girth, 22 inches, elastic. many accessories on the saddle as well I ride over 2000 miles a year in all weather
  7. Unexpected Horsecamping Trip

    By sliding the knot with the ring you can make the neck rope fit any size horse. Quick , simple and cheap. I do not like this snap and would not use it for camping out but it is one of my old ones.
  8. Unexpected Horsecamping Trip

    This is a neck rope made quickly into a halter with just passing the rope back through the ring. A very effective halter
  9. Unexpected Horsecamping Trip

    All horses should be expected to pull at some time. All. YOu had a bear walk through camp? Do you not expect a horse to pull?? I was camped at the edge of a camp ground with my 6 horses high lined. I was asleep in the tent when suddenly there was a loud explosion and the tent lite up. I rushed outside to find some people firing rocks off to celebrate something not a 100 feet from the horses. All high lined, all wearing neck lines. No one got away, but they were dancing around and I was ticked and let the people know it. Something happens, even a run away horse running through the parked trailers sets other horses off. Tied properly with a neck rope and no matter what your horse is still beside the trailer. This is not a puller but an emergecy, something out of the ordinary so why not be safe and tie with the best available method???? Neck ropes are easy to make, cost little and saves an accident down the road. All my horses are introduced to the snubbing post from day one, spent allot of time getting aquainted with it. They hobble, they solid tie, they tether, they ground tie with the best of them.
  10. Unexpected Horsecamping Trip

    Sure bothers you Smilie that I recommend/use a neck line??? Even on a horse that doesn't pull?? Why??? Is it so much harder to use then a normal lead line snapped to the halter??
  11. Unexpected Horsecamping Trip

    My neck collar is 2 inches wide with very heavy duty material , padded and heavy duty hardware. No halter is built this heavy, most halters are quite weak and some use breakaway poll strap so when the horse pulls back he can break it???? This is rediculous. Going to a show, tying so the horse if it sits back breaks free?? Makes no sense to me? Now you have a loose horse in the show grounds?? What damage can it do running around free Tie proper, tie with an unbreakable neck rope and keep everyone safe A leather halter is another weak point. My halter is a good quality heavy duty nylon. while I have nice show quality leather halters they are never used to tie a horse, only present to the vet. As for taking a break while on a long trail ride I would remove the bridle, and slip on a halter and let him drag my neck rope, like tethering only not tied to anything. He would not go anywhere. No need to tie him to a tree. I carry a light weight neck rope everywhere I go, It is always on the saddle. Loose a bridle I can quickly make a halter and ride him home in it.
  12. Unexpected Horsecamping Trip

    l don't like how some of the amish treat their horses either but there are good ones. just like everything else They tie by neck rope because it works. A horse may pull back for some unknown reason tied by the halter and it will break but never a neck line. A good one is unbreakable so why take the chance??? Know what happens when a bear wanders through a camp ground? The ones with the halters are leaving, the ones with the neck rope remain by the trialer You do it your way, I will do it mine. Just don't criticize me for doing it the way I think is safer.
  13. Refusing Backing Up

    i never read any responses but went straight from the first post to here I ride with spurs, wouldn't be without them. You don't back a horse by pulling on the bit. You back a horse by driving forward but using the bit to prevent forward motion. Back is forward only in reverse. I would face a fence , a wall, lift the reins , jiggle the bit and say back while bumping with the spurs. He tries to turn his head I would use the rein to prevent him turning his head while giving him a good bump with the spurs. problems come because of the people, not the horse. You need to learn how to back him. A person who knows what they are doing don't have these problems. I have shown this many times by getting on a problem and fixing it quickly and simply. My guy runs in reverse and if he was sluggish a good bump and he picks right up. You do not pull to get him to back up. jiggle, verbally say BACK and a pump I had one horse in my life that really liked the tom thumb. Rode really nice in it, seemed like the best bit for him so that is what I used. good thing he couldn't read.
  14. Riding With Others

    Floridacracker I am really sorry to hear about your husband having a stroke. To me that is worst then a hear attack. I fear a stroke, I fear it could leave me handycapped or worse. My heart goes out for your husband and you. My aunt had a stroke leaving her parallized on one side for life. I hope he recovers enough to lead a good life. the car is nothing, a toy while your health is everything. On another note I really gave him a work out today. 2 hours of fast moving over very hilly terrain with the last mile a speed mile, a fun run with the stops pulled out. He arrived back at the barn looking refreshed and ready to do it again. He is in fantastic shape, but who wouldn't with daily workouts?? I do not beleive there is anything in the barn that could stay with him for 2 hours and arrive back home not looking done in>>>> That is also the opinion of everyone else. I recommend retirement and a wife that lets you spend 3 hours a day with your horse with her blessing. She is a saint LOL Even Christmas day she will give me my time. She's a keeper
  15. Unexpected Horsecamping Trip

    I use a neck rope every single time he is solid tied. NO he does not pull but why take a chance on ruining a horse. Why do all the Amish tie with neck ropes around here?? We have the market and you can see dozens of carriage horses tied in the barns and every single one is tied with a neck rope, every one. It is the safest way to tie so why take chances?? If a horse just once in his life sits back and breaks a halter he is ruined. If I get a new horse he is tied with double neck ropes to a solid object numerous times a day and left to stand for a while and regardless of how much he pulls he will not get free to me it makes sense to tie solid in the safest way possible. I use to race for a famous stable and from them I got onto the neck rope and have been a fan ever since You get good horse by doing the right thing. I did allot of camping at one time and would leave the horses in camp and go to the beach for the day knowing they were properly tied, couldn't break free if they wanted. You tie your way I will tie mine. As for trusting a horse my guy today and every day is left ground tied in bad places without him moving a single step. Because he knows what is expected .