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  1. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Try going to Goodwill for some clothes, I love that place. I never spend full price for clothes... why when there's so many deals? Ross, Bealls Outlet, and Marshalls are also good places to visit. After seven years of being out of horses (not by choice) I finally brought home my hopeful forever horse a week ago today. He is a black 8 yo, 15.1 Appendix named Bandit and I am working on my way to loving him, lol! I spent the first week on the ground just getting to know one another. He definitely shows both sides of his breeding. He is not spooky, level headed like a QH but is also reactive and sensitive like a TB. He spent most of his life being run on barrels (not properly I may add) and thinks anytime a saddle is on him he has to RUN! I rode him for the first time today since I brought him home and he did very well, I had him walking calmly on the buckle both ways and halting fairly appropriately. He discovered quickly its easier to walk around than trot small circles. When I tried him out he was extremely forward, you had to shut him down when he even thought about going faster. He seems a lot calmer now and is willing to listen. Very happy with him so far!
  2. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    Jeezus I leave for 8 years and everyones going off and getting married! What in the world happened, can't we just go back to being 15 again? Congrats to those who are moving on in life's endeavours! I'm 25 and I have a bf of over a year but I don't plan on marrying. Kudos to those that do, its just not for me. We are on different schedules (he works nights) which works out great because I go riding while he's sleeping or after he leaves for work, it gives me me time and then on his days off Bandit gets a break and we get to spend our time together. Good to be back even though this place is like a dead zone. BTW I used to be atomicjade.. if anyone even remembers me lol
  3. Returning From The Past..

    Feel like going on a vacation? Don't do it now, it's hotter than **** already. March is the best time!
  4. 8 Yo Appendix

    I hear you on everything you have said. I had the farrier out today and he said that Bandit is quite stiff through his hindquarters and at one point had a stifle injury. He warned me to let him up slowly and watch for any soreness. His two previous owners claim no knowledge of an injury (since he was 2) and that he's always been that way and has never been unsound. He is quite sound now but he was run on barrels for years so I wouldn't be surprised if one is not entirely forthcoming. If he can never handle endurance or eventing that's ok, as long as I can get out on the trails I will be happy. I've looked into sweet itch but isn't that seasonal? Apparently he's always been this itchy. He's also always been on a grain based feed, of which I am replacing with a ration balancer and generous quantities of hay, perhaps he has an allergy of some sort. Either way I'm going to keep trying things til something seems to help!
  5. Who Here Is Old?

    Holy crikey... Is this place just completey dead now or what?! Btw I remember almost ALL of you... I was atomicjade back in the day but alas I have long forgotten the required information to log into that account. I too am no longer a kid as I turned 25 in March but aw well who cares? Here's a toast to what was Kids Only. Except now that toast may contain alcohol as we are all of the proper age.
  6. 8 Yo Appendix

    Hi guys, wondering if you could critique my new boy! He is a 15.1, 8 yo grade Appendix gelding. I'm going to use him mostly for trails but will dabble in LD endurance rides and hopefully one day low level eventing. Either way I plan on this guy being my forever horse! Excuse his scraggly mane. He's got some sort of itch going on, but I'm trying to fix that with a feed change and some fancy shampoo.
  7. Returning From The Past..

    Hi everyone, I doubt anyone would remember me but I was atomicjade say ohhh ten to eight years ago? I lived on the Kids Only board! Anywho I got out of horses due to no choice of my own, and now finally after waiting for years I have my new boy! Pokey my old AQHA passed last year at the age of 31. He was the best. For those who don't know me (who at this point is probably everybody!) my name is Shannon, I'm 25, and I live in southwest FL on the Gulf coast. My horse is a black 8 yo Appendix gelding named Bandit, I use him mostly for trail riding but you can count on me hauling his butt to some LD endurance rides and someday I'd like to dabble in low level eventing. I'm here to make some buddies and share/learn more about horses. If anyone is around me and wants to go riding feel free to get in touch, but beware I like to go all day and I do tend to go faster than a walk from time to time. :)