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    With my horse :P
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    Riding, dancing, singing, animals, horses, horses, horses,.....etc.
  1. Current Status

    Sitting here in my fancy dress and earings because I'm leaving for church in a while. I missed out on possibly riding Dixie the morning so now I'm mad *grrrrr*
  2. Current Status

    Sitting in the big cushy chair in our living room, and in a few minutes I'm going on a lovely bike ride and then I'm gonna go tell my horses goodnight. I want to give Storm a big hug <333
  3. Current Status

    So we just post what we're doing at this moment. I'll start: Chillin' on the couch texting this, and watching a bit of TV. I'm also waiting for supper and I want a shower.
  4. Trail Buddy?

    Hi! Welcome to Horse City!
  5. Hearts And Horses Rescue Center

    Okay so sorry I haven't been on lately *stays busy* but I'm just gonna introduce my horses for my characters throughout the rp but here is the general stuff: my girl's name is Mia and she's 15. The boy's name is Jeremy and he is 14. Is that okay with you guys?
  6. Hello From Houston

    Hi! Welcome back! I own two AQHs, one Thoroughbred, and one Shetland Pony. PM me anytime!!!
  7. New To The Forum

    Hello and welcome to the forums! I'm HorseyGirl101 and I own two American Quarter Horses, one Thoroughbred, and one Shetland Pony. Feel free to PM me anytime!!
  8. Fall/winter Horse Jobs

    So, for next fall and maybe part of winter, like an after-school activity, I want to do something with horses. You know like how after school some people go to soccer, dance, or activities like that, right? Well, I want to do that, except I want it to do with horses. I don't go to a trainer or a barn, so I don't really have the option of mucking stalls, exercising horses, or doing stuff like that. Any ideas? Anyone?
  9. Well, I read that the best way to prevent founder is to exercise your pony a lot. Like riding. Also, if there is a round pen or stall around, you could put your pony in there at nights, or for a few hours a day, then release. A good way to tell if your horse is foundering is to pinch the neck (not so that it will hurt) and see how much skin you get in your hand. The more fat, the worse. But a grazing muzzle and careful watching will probably help .
  10. Hi!

    thanks! I am showing in a western sport horse show. I will be doing stuff like cutting, reining, and loping around sort of stuff . I don't know which horse I am showing yet because I'll be riding the camp's horse.
  11. Hearts And Horses Rescue Center

    I'm just asking for a description, not a picture. Like, a description would be, brown hair, blue eyes, tall, and maybe you could tell about the personality. I'm not asking for an actual description about someone you know ;)
  12. Hi!

    Thank you!
  13. Hearts And Horses Rescue Center

    Welcome to Hearts and Horses Rescue Center, where four teens, (two girls; two boys) work. They gentle horses who have never had a chance at life, and give them a shot at it. They do their best to rehabilitate them, and they try to make the horses understand the love that their hearts feel for them. So, will you succeed or fail to make just one horse happy............. Just some information: Three horses to rehabilitate each, please :). One girl spot and two boy spots left! Forms Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Experience: Description: Horse Name: Age: Gender: Breed: History: Description:
  14. Hey! (:

    Hi! I just joined but glad to see that you're back! :)
  15. Hi!

    Hello! I'm HorseyGirl101 and I love horses! I just joined Horse City. I live in the country with my three horses and one pony. First, there's Skeeter, then Dixie, Storm, and finally, Oreo. He's the pony. Skeeter and Dixie are Quarter Horse mares, Storm is a Thoroughbred gelding, and Oreo is a Shetland Pony gelding. Skeeter is retired, but I ride Dixie and Storm and sometimes Oreo. I ride western, but I like bareback more. I have never showed, but I'm going to be in a small show this summer. So, feel free to PM me, and I hope to see you soon!!